Census Records

U.S. Census Schedules for the City of Pittsburgh (1850-1880) and for Allegheny City (1850-1870) are available for free downloading on the Historic Pittsburgh site.

Census schedules contain information about specific individuals. This data is used to create many of the statistical reports of the U.S. Census. The information included in the schedules varies from year to year. See the chart in the sidebar for a summary of what is found in each year.

History and Accuracy of the Census Data

These data were given to the University Library System Dr. Larry Glasco, a professor in the History Department at the University of Pittsburgh, who gathered this information for a department project over 25 years ago. Dr. Glasco transcribed from the microfilmed versions of the original census schedules held by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Because the original census sheets were handwritten, Dr. Glasco acknowledged there were occasional problems in interpreting and transcribing the information. In cases where there were problems reading words (particularly names), alternate versions of spellings are displayed.

Downloading the Historic Pittsburgh Census Data

Users can download the census data as a WinZip file. This data are copies of the files the University Library System was given for this project.

Click on a link to download a file.