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About West Virginia and WVU

About Morgantown, West Virginia

With origins dating back to 1763, Morgantown is one of the oldest cities in America and among the largest cities (population 70,000), in the state of West Virginia.  Nestled in the hills of Appalachia, along the banks of the Monongahela River, Morgantown is the home to West Virginia University (WVU).  Because of its setting, excellent healthcare, recreation, education, art facilities and high-tech business community, Morgantown has been recognized as the number one “Dream City” in the Country.  NBC News recently reported that Morgantown is an “Economic Oasis”; with the nation’s lowest unemployment rate and investments remaining steady, in spite of recent national trends.

With its friendly atmosphere and some of the most magnificent mountain scenery imaginable, Morgantown is a wonderful place to visit.  Just 70 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA, discover the many exciting adventures awaiting you.  Summertime tourist activities include an eclectic range from 5-star restaurants and hotels, Farmer’s Market, WV Public Theater, folk arts festivals and concerts to motorcycle festivals, mountain hiking/climbing, river rafting and nature trails - all immersed throughout this rugged yet surprisingly cosmopolitan mini-metropolis, that make Morgantown such a fabulous complement to your business trip.  Morgantown truly lives up to the West Virginia state motto “Montani semper liberi” – Mountaineers are always free!

About West Virginia University (WVU)

West Virginia University is a public, land grant doctoral research institution founded in 1867 whose 1,500 faculty conducts over $138 million annually in sponsored contracts and research grants with annual expenditures of $749 million.  Fifteen colleges and schools offer 178 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional degree programs.  With an annual enrollment of 28,000 students, WVU is the medical, cultural, and commercial hub of the region.  It is also home to a one-of-a-kind, experimental personal rapid transit (monorail) system in use since 1975.  Construction of the new University Research Park, Honors College dormitory and numerous private and public residential complex investments are nearing completion.  WVU continues to receive additional research funding and an investment as its service outreach mission expands.

Over the past decade, through its commitment to research and open access scholarly communications programs such as its ETD collection, WVU has become a world leader in:

Examples of Global Outreach and Open Access as Agents of Change

These programs are part of the broader vision we hope to achieve through the global outreach colloquium component of the ETD2009 Conference.  By promoting open access, we can and do realize an ultimate form of social justice.  Together, we are all making a difference through our involvement in the global effort to promote wide and equal accessibility to academic information and scholarly communications, which is essential to the advancement of knowledge and society.

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