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Breakout Session Abstracts

Breakout session 1A: Platforms/Demos

Practical Solutions for Workflows, Training and Systems

Breakout Session 1B: Open Access

Journeys from Obscurity to Visiblity

Breakout session 1C: New Trends/Platforms/Demos

Efficiencies & Lessons Learned



Breakout Session 2A: New Trends

Repository Innovation And Preservation

Breakout session 2B: Collaborations

Inter/Intra Departmental Cooperation
Practical Solutions for Workflows, Training & Systems

Breakout session 2C: Open Access

The Future of Open Access

Breakout session 3A: Global Outreach

Impact of Open Access and the Research Cycle

Breakout session 3B: Collaborations

Regional Approaches

Breakout session 3c: Open Access

Continental Style