Certificate of Freedom

Henry Holt


Presley Nevill certifies that Henry Holt “was born in my family of free parents.”


I Presley Nevill of the Borough of Pittsburgh in the State of Pennsylvania do here- by certify that Henry Holt, the bearer hereof was born in my family of free parents, that he himself is a free man & intitled to the same privileges with others in that Situation that he has a right to travel wethersoever he pleases and return at his discretion, he ~ behaving himself. I further certify that the said Henry Holt has always hitherto deported himself with honesty, Regularity and Temperance, as a good Waiter, a handy & useful servant, great confidence has frequently been reposed in him which he has
never deceived or disappointed.  In order that no improper use may be made of this certificate, and that the said Henry Holt may have the advantage intended him I further say that he is nineteen or twenty years of age, strong and well made five feet five or six inches high, full faced, and his complexion Black, considering his Mother was in part White.  he has been well educated, reads & writes well, did understand figures and plays well on the Violin, either by note or otherwise.  Given under my Hand at Pittsburgh the 25th Day of June 1807.

Presley Nevill

Recorded 25th June 1807~