Certificate of Freedom

Henry Stevens


Deposition is offered to prove that Henry E. Stevens is a free “American Seamen of Colour,” from Newport, Rhode Island.


Certificate of Freedom of Henry Stevens  

(Seal) United States of America State of Maryland to wit I John Gill Notary Public, by Letters Patent, under the great seal of the state of Maryland Commissioned and duly qualified residing in the city of Baltimore, in the State aforesaid Do hereby Certify, attest and make known That on the day of the date hereof before me personally appeared Henry E. Stevens an American Seamen of Colour aged Twenty-three ^years or thereabouts, Height Five feet, seven inches Complexion pale black eyes dark Hair and woolly pitted in the face by the small pock, a scar in his bosom, and a scar on left shin. Who being by me, duly and solemnly sworn, did depose and say that he is a Native of the United States of America, being born in the town of Newport, Rhode Island. At the same time appeared before me the said Notary George W Carr, Master of the ‘Brig’ Sea Bird of Newport Rhode Island, who being by me duly and solemnly sworn, did depose and say, that he has been acquainted with the above named and described Henry E. Stephens about Two years that he resides in the same town with this Deponant, who has always understood and verily believes said Henry E. Stevens was born in the town of Newport, Rhode Island, and that he is a free man In Testimony whereof the said Deponants have hereunto subscribed their names, and I the said notary, have hereunto set my hand, and affixed my Notarial Seal. The fourth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one.

Jno. Gill Not. pub.
Henry E. Stevens
G. W. Carr


Recorded 4 March, A. D. 1837