Certificate of Freedom

Jesse Turner


Jesse Turner is certified as being “born free.”


Certificate of Freedom of Jesse Turner from Southhampton County Virginia                                 
Virginia Southampton County to wit I do hereby certify that Jesse Turnera bright mulatto about twenty six years of age five feet eight and one half inches high has a scar over the right eye near the eye brow and was born free in the County of Southampton has been duly registered in my office as clerk of the County aforesaid on this the 18th day of August 1829.    
Test    James Rochelle Clk.

Southampton County August Court 1829, The above named Jesse Turner having been registered in the Clerks Office of this Court this day appeared in Court and being examined & the register inspected by the Court, It is ordered to be certified that the
said Register is truly made.

Saml. P. Heras

A Copy Teste
Jas. Rochelle Clk

Virginia Southampton County to wit

I, James Rochelle Clerk of the County Court of Southampton in the State of Virginia do hereby certify that the fore-going is a true transcript from the records of the said Court. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand - and affixed the seal of my office this 18” day of August 1829

Teste    James Rochelle Clk.

Recorded September 6th 1848.