Certificate of Freedom



McCoy is certified as a “Free Man of Color.” This certificate includes a copy of the original deed of emancipation by Stephen Cleaver, who freed McCoy for the sum of $300.

Partial Transcription

Certificate of McCoy a Freeman of Colour.  

State of Missouri S.S. Be it known that on the day of the date hereof, McCoy a free Man of Color, personally appeared before the undersigned a notary public of the State of aforesaid duly commissioned and qualified, residing in the City of St Louis who exhibited to the said Notary a paper purporting to be a certified Copy of a deed of and having requested a copy of the original remaining with me, in the words and figures following, to wit, “To all who shall see these presents, Know ye that I, Stephen Cleaver of the County of Ralls in the State of Missouri in consideration of the sum of three Hundred dollars to me in hand paid by McCoy my negro man slave and for the further consideration of the esteem and regard, which I have heretofore had and entertained, and still have and entertain for the said McCoy in consequence of this long and faithful service as a servant; have emancipated and set free and by these presents do hereby emancipate and set free the said McCoy and liberate him from all claims whatsoever which I my heretofore have had or may now have on the said McCoy for his services as a slave or servant as aforesaid. And the said McCoy is hereby permitted and allowed to maintain and enjoy his freedom and eman- cipation as aforesaid from this day henceforth forever without any claim or hindrance of any person whatsoever and without an account to me or any other person whatsoever hereafter to be rendered so that neither I the said Stephen Cleaver or any other person for me or in my name, any right or interest to the services of the said McCoy as slave or servant as aforesaid, or any part thereof shall or will challenge claim or demand at any time or times hereafter, but from all claims and demands therefore shall be wholly debarred and excluded by virtue of these presents. And in fine I the said Stephen Cleaver do hereby declare the said McCoy to be a free man of Color entitled to all the privileges and immunities secured to a free man of color by the law of the State of Missouri and by the laws of the United States. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the second day of February in the year eighteen hundred and twenty nine.

Stephen Cleaver (Seal)

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of State of Missouri, County
of Rolls, S.S. Be it remembered that a Term of the County Court of the
said County of Ralls held at New London on the second day of February
in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty nine, the above
named Stephen Cleaver, personally appeared, in said Court in open session
and acknowledged the above and foregoing deed of emancipation to be his
voluntary act and deed to and for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said
Court at New London aforesaid in said County the day and year above written.

John Ralls, D Clerk for
C. Glascock, Clerk

State of Missouri Ralls County S.S. I John Ralls Deputy Clerk for Charles Glascock

Recorded May 10th 1834.