Freedom Papers

Amery Joiner


The document certifies that eight-year-old Amery Joiner has been recorded “as a free person of colour.”

Partial Transcription

Emancipation of Amery Joiner A Girl of Colour.

Dinwiddie County Set: I do hereby certify that Amery Joyner, a Black Girl daughter of John Joyner, aged about Eight Years, Three feet ten inches high of black complexion, a mark on her right jaw, born free, is duly registered in a book Kept in my Office for that purpose as a free person of colour, number Six hundred and forty-eight. Given under my hand as clerk of Dinwiddie County this 17th day of October 1818.

J. Nicholas, C.D.C.

No 648
State of Virginia Dinwiddie County S.S.

I John Verell Presiding Justice of the County as above named do certify that John Nicholas is Clerk of the County, 17th October 1818.

John Verell, J.P.

Recorded 31 Augt 1827