Freedom Papers

Archibald Brant et al


In his will, the late Arther Andrews has freed his slaves. But, before they are freed, all of the estate’s debts must be paid and enough money earned to ensure their safe transport to Pennsylvania.

Partial Transcription

Arther Andrews Freedom Paper to To Archibald Brant et w/ et al  

Be it Known To all whomex it may Consxern by these Presents, Whereas Arther Andrews late of the parish of Concordia in the State of Louisiana died leaving his last Will and Testament dated the Thirty first of May A. D 1820

afterwards dulexy proved and entered of Record in the Court of Probate in the City of New Orleans on the twentieth day of March A. D. 1823 by which Will the said Arther Andrews appoint- -ed John Taylor Esqr and John D Smith his Executors of whom the said John D Smith is now survivor and sole Executor and Curator of said Arther Andrews Estate, And Whereas In and by the said Will now of evaxn date herewith Recorded in the office for Recording Wills in the County of Allegheny and Commonwexlth of Pennsylvania in Book No. 3 page 346 it was among other things provided and set forth as follows, 1stly. I Do will and ordain that all my property shall be kept Togaxther and kept in operation as it is at present untill all my Debts are paid.  2nd I do further will and ordain that after my debts are Paid that my Negroes shall be Continued in the same service until as much money as will be sufficient to pay their Expences to the State of Pennsylva- -nia and to Pay a Trustexy man for his services in taking care of them on their way shall be Raised from their labour then and there all and every of said Negro slaves are to be Emancipated and made free to all intents.   And Whereas in Persuance of these Recited Provisions in the will of said Arther Andrews the Negro slaves left by him and their Increase have been kept Togaxther at labour until by the Proceeds thereof all the debts of the said Testator are discharged and Paid off and a sufficient sum in addition Relexised to pay the Expences of the Convayance of said Negro Slaves to Pennsylvania and for their Reglxer and Formal Emancipation When there and Whereas the said John D. Smith surviving Curator and Executor of said will has by his letter of Attorney dated the Eighteenth day of March 1831 at Concordia aforesaid dulexy appointed John Robb a Trustworthy Person as the agent under the provisions of said will to take said Negroes to the State of Pennaxsylvania and there Emancipate them according to the True Intent of the above Recited Provisions of said will which letter of Attorney Proved by the oath of said John Robb is Entered of Record in the said County of Allegheny in Will Book No. 3 page 347 And Whereas the said Negro Slaves have been Con- -vayed by the said John Robb from the State of Louisana to Pittsburgh in the State of Pennsylvania for the purpose of being thoxre Emancipated. Now therefore in Consideration of the Premises and in persuance of the Intention of the said Arther Andrews as declared in his said will & John D. Smith of the Parish of Concordia aforesaid surviving Testementary Curator and Executor of the said Estate of Arther Andrews desd by John Robb my agent duly apxointed as aforesaid Do by these presents Declare and make known that the following named Slaves being the same Refered To in said will viz Archibald Brant and Hannah Brant his wife, Dangerfield Brant aged Twelve years Armstead Brixant aged ten years Elz Brant aged Eight years Catharine Brant aged six years Arther Brant aged Four years Clarissa Brant aged two years children of said Archibald and Hannah, Betty Gale Stephen Gale and Maria Gale her children all of full age Sukey Gates Thorn Gates and Phillis Gates of full age Children of said Sukey and Albert Gates aged Two years Child of said Phillis, Nelson Marshey and Katy Marshey of full age Tilda Marshy aged twelve years and Linda Marshy aged ten years Children of said Nelson, Nelson Washington, Burrel Washington aged thirteen years and Jackson Washington aged seven years Children of said Nelson Washington Phill Hunter Louis Hunter and Washington Hunter all of full age Jack Pannell and Henry Pannell his wife Eliza Pannell aged Four years and Emma Pannell aged Eighteen months Children of the said Henry Pannell Clariborne Mehan and Ann Mehan his wife Sabo Yavel Ned Tolbart and Ralph Jackson all of Full age Sam West and Amy West his wife Caroline West aged Four years Child of said Sam and Amy are each and every of them hereby fully and absolutely Emancipated manumitted and made Free from all manxor of Bondage and servitude Thaxy and each of their heirs to all intents and Purposes Forever. And the said John D. Smith Surviving testamentor Curator and Executor of the Estate of the said Arther Andrews decd. hereby further declaixres and agrees that neaxther himself nor any of the heirs of the said Arther Andrews shall or ever can in all futxer time in any manxor or in any event Reclaim the servisxes of all or any one of the above named Negroes late the property of said Arther Andrews or by any means whatsoever Reduce or seek to Reduce them or eatxher of them into a State of Slavery or involuntary Bondage.

In Witness Whereof the said John D. Smith Surviving Testementor Curator as aforesaid by his agent Dulxey Constituted as aforesaid hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the Fourteenth of April A. D. 1831.

Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of
S. Colwell    

 For       John D. Smith (Seal) John Robb

Recorded August 28” 1851.