Freedom Papers



Andrew Miller of Kentucky frees his slave Armsted for “divers good causes” and the sum of one dollar.

Partial Transcription

Freedom Paper of Armsted, (Negro man)             

Know all men by these presents, that I, Andrew Miller of Greenup County Kentucky, for divers good causes and considerations me thereunto moving, as also in further consideration of One dollar to me in hand paid, have released from Slavery, liberated, manumitted and set free, and by these presents, do hereby release from Slavery, liberate, manumit, and set free my Negro Man Armsted, aged Twenty seven years, five feet, six   inches high, with a small scar in the front of his forehead.  The said Armsted, to be henceforth free, manumitted, and discharged from all manner of servitude or service to me, my heirs, executors or administrators forever Witness my hand and seal, this 26th day of May, 1840,Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of

Andrew Miller (Seal)

Solomon Berkley, Joseph Davidson
State of Ohio Lawrence County, S.S.


Recorded 19th February A. D. 1841