Freedom Papers

Crayton Warrick


This document certifies that Crayton Warrick is free born.


Freedom Papers of Crayton Warwick

Virginia to wit, No 671. I Charles Binns Clerk of the County Court of Loudn do hereby certify that Crayton Warrick is free born as appears by the Oath of William Polts this 9th day of June 1828, made in open Court, said Clayton is of a light complexion, light spots  on the two middle fingers of the left hand, a scar on the left thigh x near the hip a scar on the wrist of the wright hand, two small scars on the third finger of the right hand a little   below the nuckle, a scar on the big toe of the right foot, a scar on the fore part of the left foot, a little below the ancle, a scar a little above the ancle of the left leg, two small scars on the calf of the right leg. He is about 22 years of age, six feet two inches high, was this 9th day of June 1828 registered in my office according to Law. Loudoun County, set, The Register of Crayton Warrick a free negro per Register No 671, was presented to the Court, examined and ordered to be certified as correctly made 

Teste. C. Binns C. L. L.

(Seal) Loudoun County Set. I Charles Binn Clerk of the County Court of Loudoun County do hereby certify that the foregoing is correctly transcribed from the Records in my Office

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of our said Court at Leesburg this 9th day of June 1828, and in the 52d year of the Commonwealth. ~
attested by Jno J. Mathias J. P.}             

C. Binns C. L. C

Recorded 2d June A. D. 1840