Freedom Papers

Daniel Robinson


Rev. Elisha McCurdy testifies that 19-year-old Daniel Robinson is a free man, and, further, “requests all steamboat captains or owners or any other person or persons to consider this as evidence.”


Daniel Robinson’s Freedom Papers   

Reserve township, Allegheny County, State of Pennsylvania SS. Personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace in and for the County of Allegheny, Revd E. McCurdy, who being duly sworn, depose and says, that the bearer Daniel Robinson, a black young man aged nineteen years, about 5feet 8 inches in hight with a cut on his forehead, has lived with him for a number of years, that his parents has lived a number of years in Washington County of this State, and was always considered free, and that the bearer is, and always considered a free person, and requests all Steamboat Captains or owners or any other personor persons to consider this as evidence in this case.  

Elisha Macurdy.

Sworn this Eighth day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine, John Linton J. P.

Recorded 8th April A. D. 1839