Freedom Papers

Edward Robinson


Edward Robinson is certified as a free man. He was born of free parents in Kentucky, formerly indentured to the late Benjamin Page of Pittsburgh, and currently “a free Citizen of the State of Pennsylvania.”

Partial Transcription

Edward Robinson Freedom Paper          

To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting I Chas. H. Israel a Notary Public by Authority of Pennsylvania duly Commissioned and Sworn residing in the City of Pittsburgh do certify that I have satisfactory Evidince that Edward Robinson a young man of Color who is now Present is a Free man and was born of free parents in the State of Kentucky and was bound by Indenture to the late Benjamin Page in Pittsburgh State Pennsylvania, said Edward Robinson is about five feet six inches high 27 years of age and upwards stout built scar under left eye, said Edward has been personally known to the subscriber for many years as a free person and further the said Edward Robinson has subscribed his name in his own proper hand writing on the margin of this paper. Therefore I have granted these presents under my hand and Notariel Seal of Office at Pittsburgh the Eleventh March A. D. 1836.                                              

Chas. H. Israel Notary Public

I do further Certify that the said Edward Robinson is a free Citizen of the State of Pennsylvania entitled to all the privileges of a free White man of said State

 Chas. H. Israel.


Recorded 4th March, A. D. 1842