Freedom Papers

Jack Wells


Presley Nevill frees 26-year-old Jack Walls. Walls was born of slaves and had been registered to serve until he was 28 years old.

Partial Transcription

To Whom it may concern, This is to certify that the Bearer hereof Jack Walls, a Black man was born in my family of Parents that were Slaves, and he being regularly Recorded, was to serve till he was twenty-eight years of age but that in consequence of his good Conduct he is now manumitted – and set free at Twenty-six years of age, he is therefore to be considered & treated as a free man to all intents & purposes, to pass and Repass at his Will when and where he thinks proper and to transact his Business as other free men, he behaving himself Accordingly.  Given under my Hand at Pittsburgh Novr 1st  1806. ~

Presley Nevill

Recorded 11th Decr 1806 ~