Freedom Papers



Jacob, about 35 years old, bought by the late William Hamilton in 1834 in Tennessee, is set free by Hamilton’s heirs in 1837.

Partial Transcription

Samuel Stackhouse et al To Jacob (Negro man)  

Know all men by these Presents, That we the undersigned Samuel Stackhouse of the City of Pittsburgh, Alexander C. Hamilton of Washington County, Catharine Syson of Westmoreland County, Adam Silvey and Margaret, his wife and Martha Hamilton both of Washington County All in the State of Pennsylvania the five parties above named, deriving title in the capacity of I by intermarriage with the heirs at law of William Hamilton late of Washington County in the said State, deceased, from motives of benevolence and to secure, to the person herein after named, the freedom and privileges acquired under the Laws of this Commonwealth Have and by these presents Do Manumit, & release forever hereafter all claim to the person and service of a certain negro man named Jacob, about Thirty-five years of age who was formerly owned by the said William Hamilton by virtue of a Bill of Sale executed at or near Nashville in the State of Tennessee by Edward Poor to the said Hamilton bearing date the 13th day of October A D eighteen hundred and thirty-four. George L. Syson husband of said Catherine Syson his name, being omitted above, joining in the execution of this deed of Manumission, In Witness Whereof the above named parties have hereunto set their hands and seals, this twelfth day of September A. D. eighteen hundred & thirty-seven…


Recorded 22d September, A D 1837