Freedom Papers

Matilda Hall


An attorney certifies that Matilda Hall (late Ridout) is a free woman.

Partial Transcription

Matilda Hall Freedom Freedom Paper      

Matilda Hall, late Ridout a Colored Woman of Blackish Shade about five feet, five or six inches high stout made having a scar just above the outer corner of the left eye and a mark length wise on the back of the right hand was raised principally in Chambersburg, Franklin County Pennsylvania She was a girl there at the same time I was in my boyhood. Her Mother was among was among the Old Residenters of  that place and a free woman of her father I have no recollection, I beleive said Matilda Hall late Ridout to have been born as she now is a free woman Pittsburgh 3rd March. 1842.

Jas. W. Buchanan

James W. Buchanan well known to me as a practising member in Good standing of the Bar of the City of Pittsburgh on his solemn oath duly administered did depose and say that the above statement relative to the freedom of Matilda Hall, late Ridout by him made and to which his name is subscribed is true and correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. The same done and subscribed before me President Judge of the Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania the third day of March Eighteen hundred and forty two.

Benjm Patton. Junr

(Seal) ...

Recorded 3d March A. D. 1842