Charles Gouldman


Charles Gouldman, a 48-year-old slave from Kentucky who has been set free this same day by William Croghan, is indentured to Croghan to serve for seven years in Pennsylvania.

Partial Transcription

Indenture of Charles Gouldman

This Indenture entered into this 7th day of April 1828. Between Charles Gouldman a
man of color & William Croghan.  Witness that the said Charles Goldman for and in consideration of the said William Croghan having this day emancipated him from slavery does hereby covenant bind and oblige himself to serve the said William Croghan in the State of Pennsylvania and elsewhere as a true and faithful servant for and during seven year from this date, And the said William Croghan will clothe & feed the said servant & treat him humanely. Witness our hands & seals this 7 day of April 1828.

Charles [his x mark] Goldman (Seal)
Wm. Croghan  (Seal)

State of Kentucky

Recorded 17th June A. D. 1828