The will of the late James McCary dictates that the Negro girl Frankey should be taken from Mississippi to Pennsylvania, where she is to be freed.

Partial Transcription

Know all Men by these presents that I Walter Irwin of
the City of Natchez in the County of Adams & Mississippi
Territory Executor of the last will and testament of ~
James McCary late of the said City deceased have made
ordained constituted & appointed & by these presents~
do make ordain constitute & appoint my trusty friend John
Cary of Pittsburgh in the State of Pennsylvania my true
and lawful attorney for me & in my place & stead as exec-
utor aforesaid to take into his coustody charge & keeping
a certain Negro named Frankey whose name is contained & set
forth in the said will of the said decedent and my said~
attorney is hereby authorized and Empowered to conduct & ~
convey the said Negro girl Frankey to the State of Pennsylva-
nai and then to perform & use all the Necessary Means
for the Manumission & Emancipation of the said Frankey
& to procure the same according to the Regulations and
Formalities of the Law of the said State in such case
made and provided & in Pursuance of the provisions ~
true intent and meaning of the said last will and ~
Testament of the said James McCary Reference being thereunto had
will more fully appear giving and granting unto my said ~
attorney by these presents my full and whole Power & ~
authority in and about the premises to have use and take
all lawful ways & means in my name for the purposes
aforesaid and generally all and every other act or acts ~
and things in the Law Whatsoever Needful and Necessary
to be done in and about the premises for me and in my
name as executor aforesaid to do execute and perform as
fully and amply to all intents & purposes as I myself
might or could do if personally present hereby Ratifying
and confirming all and whatsoever my said attorney shall
lawfully do in and about the premises by virtue hereof ~
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and
seal this 12th day of Decr in the year of our Lord
one thousand Eight hundred & fourteen ______

Sealed Signed & acknowledged
in presence AlecrC. Henderson. Thomas Henderson

Walter Irwin (Seal)



Recorded May 31st 1815.