John Davis


This indenture involves John Davis who has “voluntarily put himself an apprentice” to C. Cowan for the period of a year and a half.

Partial Transcription

This Indenture made the fifteenth day of May in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and ten, Witnesseth that John Davis ~ by & with the consent of himself hath put and by these presents Doth Voluntarily put himself an ~ apprentice to C. Cowan of Pittsburgh with him to serve after the manner of an apprentice from the day of the date hereof until the full term of One year and six months During which Term the said apprentice the said Master faithfully shall serve in all lawful business according to his power, wit & Ability, Honestly orderly & obediently in all things deserean himself towards the said C. Cowan, during said Term, and C. Cowan the said Master doth for himself his heirs Executors Administrators Covenant & Grant to and with the said apprentice that he the said Master the said apprentice in the art and Mistery of a Nail Cutter threder, shall and with teach  and instructer cause to be Taught & instructed in the best manner that he can also during all the said Terin shall and will provide and allow unto the said apprentice Competent & Sufficient What drink, Washing Lodging and four months night schooling, one hat of four dollars one pair shoes at two Dollars, One Hundred Dollars in cash Twenty five to be paid the first three Months and the Remainder in equal instalments at the end of every three months and three weeks in hearvest the said time to be made up to the said Cowan at the end of the said Apprenticeship. In Witness whereof the Parties have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above written.~~~~    ~~~~~~

Sealed & Delivered in
The presence of
Timothy Davis, Will Steel


C. Cowan (Seal)
John Davis (Seal)

Allegheny County Ss, The above done and acknowledged Before me one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said County the day & year above written. ~~~.~~~.~~~

Will Steele (Seal)

Recorded 14th May 1810