Matilda Richardson


Matilda Richardson, a 13-year-old slave from Kentucky who has been set free this same day by William Croghan, is indentured to Croghan to serve for fifteen years in Pennsylvania.

Partial Transcription

Indenture of Matilda Richardson

Whereas the undersigned Matilda Richardson late of Jefferson County, Kentucky has this day been manumitted & set free from slavery by William Croghan Esqr late of Kentucky upon condition that the said Matilda do forthwith bind herself by a good indenture sufficient in law, faithfully and honestly to serve the said William Croghan or his assigns until she shall attain the age of twenty eight years. Therefore Know all men that I the said Matilda Richardson aged about thirteen years for and in consideration of being as aforesaid manumitted and set free from slavery have bound and put myself and do by these presents bind & put myself servant to the said William Crogan or to his assigns faithfully and honestly to serve him or his assigns from the day of the date hereof for and during the full term of fifteen years thence next ensuing during all which term the said servant her said master or his assigns faithfully & honestly shall serve in all things as a good & dutiful servant ought to do. And the said William Croghan and his assigns during the said term shall find & provide for the said Matilda sufficient meat drink apparel, washing & lodging & have her taught the art and mystery of housekeeping and at the expiration of said term shall the customary freedom dues. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 12th day of May A.D. eighteen hundred and twenty eight.

Matilda [her x mark] Richardson (Seal)

In the presence of

Recorded 17th June A. D. 1828