Sally, a six-year-old slave girl in Virginia, is set free by Thomas Woods. Sally is immediately bound by indenture to serve John McKee of Pittsburgh.


Indenture Sally, a Negro To John McKee

This Indenture Witnesseth, That a Negro girl, named Sally, born in Virginia and now aged Six Years, nine months  and eighteen days, and who by the Laws of Virginia was a Slave for life to Thomas Woods, of  Ohio County and State of Virginia, and manumitted by said Thomas Woods on the Nnth day of October in the Year  of Our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and twenty-five, in consideration of her serving John McKee  of the City of Pittsburgh (Hatter) he being a citizen of the State of Pennsylvania) and his heirs and Assigns as an indented Servant untill she arrives at the age of Twenty-eight Years.  Therefore this Indenturemade the Sixteenth day of December, in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and twenty-five Between the said Negro girl Sally and the said John McKee, and within six months after the arrival of the said Sally in the State of Pennsylvania, in consideration of the manumission aforesaid, the said Sally doth agree and covenant with and bind herself to the said John McKee and his assigns or heirs, by and with the approbation of Magnus M. Murray Esquire and Thomas Enochs Esquire two of the Aldermen in and for the City of Pittsburgh (the said Sally having no Parents living in the State of Pennsylvania) as an Apprentice and Indented Servant to the said John McKee, his heirs and Assigns to learn the Art and mystery of a house Servant and Cook, and serve the said John McKee or his heirs or assigns in the State of Pennsylvania until the Twenty-eighth day of February in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and forty-seven (1847) She then having arrived at the full age of Twenty-eight Years. And the said John McKee for himself and his Assigns doth covenant and agree to supply and furnish the said Sally with the Necessary food, clothing, meat, drink, medical attendance, lodging and washing during the said term of Service and shall also teach her or cause her to be taught the art and mystery of a house Servant and Cook, and at the expiration of said term of servitude, that is when she arrives at the full age of twenty-eight years will give her two suits of woman’s apparel as freedom Suits, one of which shall be new.  In Witness whereof the said John McKee hath hereunto set his hand and Seal & the said Sally hath made her mark this 16th day of December 1825.~

Ross Wilkins


John McKee
Sally X her mark

City of Pittsburgh S. S.

Before us Magnus M. Murray and Thom- as Enochs Esquires, Aldermen in and for the City of Pittsburgh, per- sonally appeared the within named Negro Girl Sally & John McKee & signed, marked and executed the within Indenture by and with our consent & approbation, the said Sally making her mark in our presence

In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 16th day of December 1825.

Thomas Enochs (Seal)
Mags M. Murray (Seal)


Recorded 16th Decr 1825