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1882-1935: Emergence of AF of L Trade Unions

Great Railroad Strike of 1877
AF of L founding meeting held in Pittsburgh in 1881
Homestead Strike of 1892
Founding of Pittsburgh Central Labor Union-1901
McKees Rocks Pressed Steel Car Strike of 1909
Westinghouse Strikes of 1914 and 1916
Great Steel Strike of 1919
Typographical Union: Oldest union in Pittsburgh
German Brewers Union
Carpenters Union and District Council
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Bakery and Confectionery Union-Jewish Bakery Workers Union
Labor Politics-Socialist and other labor parties
Workers Groups: Women, African-Americans, Central and East Europeans
Pittsburgh Musicians Union





Great Steel Strike--1919

Jewish Bakers Union Local 44 

Labor Martyrs:
Fannie Sellins & Joseph Strzelecki -- 1919

Workers Groups--Central and
East Europeans

International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers

Somerset County Coal Strike, 1922 - 1923

The Coal and Iron Police I (1926)     Labor Politics (Socialists and
other labor parties)
Pittsburgh Musicians Union  The Coal and Iron Police II (1929):
The Death of John Borkowski