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Allegheny County Labor Council (ACLC)

The ACLC, formed by the merger of four pre-existing central labor bodies, was chartered on September 26, 1961.  Click here to view newspaper clipping from Sept. 9, 1961 regarding the approval of the ACLC by its predecessor central labor bodies -- "ACLC Okayed".

John A. Feigel of Typographical Union No. 7 served as interim President until November 1962 when the first formal elections were held.

Balloting was by individual member.

Hart Ascendant

William J. Hart, USWA District Director received 81,392 to 61,639 for Feigel and became the first elected ACLC President

Paul Stackhouse, a Hart protégé from USWA Dist. 19, defeated John A. Radzyminski of the Paperhangers for Executive Vice President.

James Puglin, Shopmen's Local 529, Ironworkers defeated Joseph Goney of USWA for Executive Secretary.

Frank E. Prince of HERE, Local 237 defeated Nicolas J. Hagerty of Musicians' Local 60.

Hart was re-elected in 1964 for another two year term.

1966 Disputed Election

The elections in November 1966 were hotly contested between rival slates headed by Hart And Gilbert Teitel of ATU. Hart claimed victory but Teitel charged fraud and the results were appealed to the national federation (AFL-CIO).

AFL-CIO President Meany sided with Teitel. Two officers were suspended, and the Council was put into Trusteeship.

Eventually emerged Teitel, as Pres., Stackhouse, as VP (though he initially had been one of the two Hart allies suspended), Prince as Treasurer, and Ward Feitt as Reading Clerk.

Three Terms for Teitel

The Trusteeship was lifted June 21, 1967 and Teitel was re-elected several times (68, 70).

In 1972, Teitel deferred to Anthony J. "Bud" Lutty of Food Employees Local 590, who became President, with Teitel as VP; but Lutty soon left the Council when he was named to the international staff of the Amalgamated Meatcutters in St. Louis. Teitel briefly reassumed the Presidency at that point, but he in turn resigned I 1973, whereupon Paul Stackhouse automatically took over as President.

Stackhouse as Perennial Leader

Paul Stackhouse was elected in his own right in 1974, along with Teitel (Exec. VP), David R. Glavin, SEIU Local 29 (Exec. Sec'y) and Frank E. Prince (Treasurer).

Stackhouse began a long reign as Labor Council President which lasted approximately 25 years and ended only with his death.

Jack Shea of IUE was then chosen to head the Labor Council.