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     "Anyway, they got the idea that they should use the colleges, and bring some of these girls who had worked in factories and had never seen a college campus. Just get them there. During the summer months, when the college was closed to the regular students and have some of the teachers give them courses. So there was so many picked from every area. And it so happened that I was picked to go and a friend of mine, by the name of Helen Talder. I debated a long time whether to go or not, because work had just started to pick up and I was helping my mother and my brother and sister-in-law. They said, "Oh, Margie, you go!" So I did. I went to the school for six weeks. They were the most beautiful weeks of my life. Would you believe being in Brynmawr College?"

-- Margaret Darin in an interview with Ron Schatz, 1977

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