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Chartering Dates

Local 10 Clarion/Chester City, PA
March 16, 1869

Local 2 Pittsburgh, PA
March 11, 1885
[profiled below]

Local 4 Johnstown/Reading, PA
April 30, 1885 (1878?/1913?)

Local 7 Beaver, PA
March 4, 1887

Local 17 New Castle, PA
October 26, 1887

Local 11 Washington, PA
February 1, 1890

of Local Unions

Local 24 Bradford, PA
October 6, 1897

Local 27 New Kensington, PA
April 8, 1898

Local 28 Erie, PA
April 28, 1899

Local 33 Pittsburgh, PA
August 6, 1903

Local 75 Greensburg, PA
April 20, 1908

Local 20 Pittsburgh, PA
May 10, 1919

Bricklayers Local No. 2 (Historical Union)

     "Bricklayers' Union No. 2 was organized in the early 1870's and became a part of Bricklayers' National Union..About ten years later, the organization became affiliated with the Knights of Labor and continued with that body until 1885. On March 11 of that year [1885] Local No. 2 obtained a charter from the Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers' International Union and has remained...ever since. Very little progress was made by No. 2 up until the time it joined this latter. Ten hour day, 35 to 45 cents an hour was norm. In 1885 union demanded and received a nine hours day and 45 cents an hours. 1901 achieved eight hour day and 60 cents an hour but not without a desperate struggle that lasted for about eighteen months.
     In 1907 wages were increased to 65 cents and hour and the Saturday half holiday established. The present officers of the local union are as follows: President John L. Beagen; vice-president Ed. Whitelock; financial secretary and business agent, John S. Herron; treasurer, David G. Oktot; secretary, John McCaig."

Source: Iron City Trades Journal, Sept. 2, 1910, page 10

Local 2 Responds to Homestead Strike - July 15, 1892

Compare Bricklayers Constitution & By-Laws Booklets from 1899 and 1916
        Includes the change from a 9 hour work day to an 8 hour work day

Sample Election Ballots
    - November 12, 1915 Ballot for Delegates to B.M. & P. International Union Convention
    - June 11, 1920 Election Ballot of Local Officers
    - August 13, 1920 Ballot for Delegates to Bricklayers, Masons and Plasterers (B.M. and P.)
International Convention

Local 2 Indenture Contract of Apprentices 1920

Local 2 Golden Anniversary Banquet Program - March 16, 1935

Testimonial Program Honoring John J. McCaig (past President), Samuel T. Brown (past Recording Corresponding Secretary) and Dennis Cone (past Financial Secretary)  - November 19, 1949

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