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Like Father, Like Daughter Police Say of CIO Official
Burkhart Parent of Girl Communist Who Chained Self to Pole When McKeesport Police Broke Up Street Rally Six Years Ago

     "Like father, like daughter," McKeesport police remarked last night after hearing about a movement to oust Logan Burkhart from the vice presidency of a CIO union because of his indictment in the Communist election petition scandal.
     Ordinance Officer A.W. Gallagher declared that Burkhart is the father of Carolyn Hart (Alice C. Burkhart) with whom the McKeesport Police Department had considerable trouble six years ago.
     The girl, then only 22, was a speaker at a Young Communist League meeting that had been banned by police because it interfered with Saturday night traffic.  When police raided the meeting, she chained herself to a pole to keep them from taking her away.
     She was charged with riot and inciting to riot and, after the case had been carried to the State Superior Court, was sent to the Women's Industrial Home at Muncy late in 1936.  She was pardoned and release by Gov. George H. Earle in May of 1937.
     Officer Gallagher said that Miss Hart had not been seen in McKeesport recently.  He said he had heard she had gone to Detroit to organize auto workers.
     At the time of her arrest in McKeesport, Miss Hart admitted that her real name was Alice C. Burkhart.  During her trial in Criminal Court here she explained that she had drifted into Communism after her father lost his job in the depression and she had to quit Turtle Creek High School to try to support a seven-member family by working at $13 a week.

Photos from December 19, 1935 issue of The Pittsburgh Press
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