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Local Union Charter Dates
Local 142 -- Chartered February 13, 1886

Local 288 Homestead, PA -- Chartered May 20 1887

Local 206 New Castle, PA -- Chartered January 8, 1898
Merged with Local 268 in mid 1990s

Local 321 Connellsville, PA -- Chartered July 24, 1899

Local 430 Wilkinsburg, PA -- Chartered January 3, 1900

Local 571 Carnegie, PA  --  Chartered April 24, 1900

Local 773 Braddock, PA -- Chartered April 13, 1901

Local 1044 Charleroi, PA -- Chartered March 20, 1902

Local 1129 Kittanning, PA -- Chartered May 16, 1902

Local 1048 McKeesport, PA -- Chartered September 2, 1903

Local 2264 Piledrivers, Deck and Wharf Builders Pittsburgh, PA -- Chartered August 26, 1919

Local 2107 Latrobe PA -- Chartered January 4, 1938

Local 1759 Floor Coverers -- Chartered August 22, 1938

Local 811 New Bethlehem, PA -- Chartered January 17, 1941

Local 2235 Millwright Local Pittsburgh, PA -- Chartered March 13, 1952

Carpenters District Council of Western PA
Chartered July 12, 1877 and Restructured as Western PA Regional District Council on January 1, 1997
[profiled below]

Local 144 Bethel Park, PA -- Chartered February 7, 1968

Local 1160 Cabinet Makers and Millman Pittsburgh, PA -- Chartered September 17, 1975

Local 33-L Lather Local -- Chartered September 1, 1979
Not part of Carpenters but a stand alone until 1979.
Merged with Carpenters and Chartered September 1, 1979 as UBC Local

Local 1233 Residential House Builders -- Chartered March 1, 1995

italicized indicates current active unions


     "In Western Pennsylvania a Carpenters District Council was formed on July 12, 1877 when Local Unions 142, 164, 165, 177, 180, 211, 230, and 237 thought they could better promote the aims of the Carpenters by concerted action. At that time, the primary purpose of the Carpenters Unions were to reduce the twelve-hour day, six-day week and to increase the daily wage of $2.25. Peter McGuire, the Father of Labor Day, and the First General Secretary of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, had organized these Local Unions and imbued them with a spirit of bettering the lot of their fellow workers.
     In their first efforts to negotiations with the contractors, they were able to establish a ten-hour day, with half day on Saturday, and an increase in wages to $2.50 a day. These rugged individualists, led by August Swartz, the first Business Agent; and J.D. Hughes, the President of the District Council; waged a continuous battle to organize additional Local Unions in the Greater Pittsburgh area and to create a better standard of living for the working men and women of that time.
     During the 1890's our [the] Union was confronted not only with a depression and economic upheaval, but also the A.F. of L. chose the Carpenters to spearhead the movement for the eight-hour day. The Carpenters were chosen due to the strength and size of their Organization. After a nine-year effort, they were successful in obtaining an eight-hour day, with four hours of work on Saturday and the wages were established at $2.75 per day.
     During the turbulent labor times starting in the early 1910's, the Carpenters District Council of Western Pennsylvania was led by E.A. Patton and then by William J. Kelly. Bill Kelly was a leader in labor circles in Western Pennsylvania for over fifty years and advanced the cause of unionism immeasurably. He rose from a position as a walking delegate, as the first Business Agents were called, to a General Executive Board Member of the International Organization. Recent leaders have been Carl T. Westland, followed by Joseph A. Senge."

(Source: "Brief History of the Carpenters District Council of Western Pennsylvania", a pamphlet by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America)

First Meeting of District Council Excerpt from July 12, 1887

Minute Book Entries Regarding the Homestead Strike of 1892

View Databank Entry of Carpenters District Council

Carpenters Local 142

Carpenters Badge from Local 202

On Location - Images from the Carpenters' Union Hall and of charters taken with our digital camera during a site visit.