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The Document Sets provide a complete set or series of documents that have been scanned and can be used to do online documentary research.  Here, researchers and the general public have online access to original documents from the Archives.

1877 The Great Railroad Strike
1892 Original Homestead Strike Materials
1914 Photo Album of Strike at Westinghouse Union Switch and Signal Co.
1916 3 Workers Coroner's Case Files from Westinghouse Strike
1919 Fannie Sellins Investigation and Verdict Documents
1926 Bethlehem Steel Coal and Iron Police Reports
1933 Labor and Liberty in Depression Era Pittsburgh
1934 - 1935 Pittsburgh Central Labor Union Minutes
1936 - 1937 The Early History of UE Local 601: Correspondence of Margaret Darin and A. Logan Burkhart
1949 Buildup to a Strike on Neville Island