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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 5


        Reproduction of IBEW Charter



Record of First Meeting of IBEW Local 5:

"National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers of America
Local No. 5

Pittsburg, Pa.
Feb. 17, 1897

     At a preliminary meeting held on this date at K of L Hall 66 Third Ave. for the purpose of forming an organization amongst the Electrical workers of this vicinity, thirty three electrical workers responded to the call.  After the reading of a circular and some sections from the constitution by special organizer L.R. Thomas of the A.F. of L. and an appeal to the persons present why they should organize it was decided to open a list and all who wished could sign.  Bro. Thomas request General organizer Gallagher of the Painters to take charge of the list.  When twenty-seven of those present signed the roll and nine paid Initiation fee of one dollar each, to be forwarded to Grand Sect J.L. Kelly St. Louis for charter.
     Motion made and carried the assembly go into the nominations of temporary officers.  Bro. Chas. Kirk was nominated for President being no opposition he was unanimously elected.  Bro. Horace McGregor was unanimously elected Recording Sect. other officers to be filled laid over until next meeting.  After some remarks and advice from both organizers.  The meeting adjourned at 10:10 P.M. to meet in same hall on Thursday the 24th inst. at 7:30 P.M. who each member is expected to bring one or more members of the craft with him and those who signed the roll pay their Initiation fee.
                                                                                  Horace McGregor, R.S."

"Pittsburg, Pa.
Feb. 24, 1897

     Electrical workers Union No. 5 met at 66 Third Ave. called to order at 8:30 P.M. by organizer Thomas the roll was opened and 16 signed and fourteen paid fee of $1.00 each.  Twenty one members were obligated.  The (members) minutes of last meeting were read and approved.  Bro. Thomas read a letter from J.T. Kelly returning thanks for promptness of W.S.S. Organizers in organizing the G.W. also (W.S.S. organizers) receipt for nine dollars as part of charter fee read a place on file.  Moved and carried the Local.  Go into nominations for officers.  For President Theo. K. Bevington & Harry Hass, for V.P. Chas. Kirk, for R.S. [Recording Secretary] Horace McGregor, for F.S. [Financial Secretary] Yantzer Bevington, for Press Sect. Albert Eldridge, for Teas. M.A. Siebert, for Inspector John Haskins, for Foreman Ed. Snyder.  Trustees Frank Sherwood, Daniel Brady, & John Farrington.  The President appointed the following members to conduct the election on Pres. & Trustees John J. B. McKibben & all others having no opposition were elected unanimous.  The election resulted in the election of the following officers for the ensuing term; Pres. T.K. Bevington, V.P. Chas. Kirk, R.S. Horace McGregor, F.S. Yantzer Bevington, Press Sect. A Eldridge, Treas. M.A. Siebert, Inspector John Haskins, Foreman Edwd. Snyder, Trustees Frank Sherwood, D. Brady and John Farrington.  Organizer Thomas installed the officers and handed over the oranization to the new officers and in a few well chosen remarks pointed out the prospects for the organization if a little efforts be exerted by the members and also trusted they would affiliate with the Building Trades council and the W.S.S. in the near future....."

(Source: UE/Lab 97 :17 Micro)