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Labor and the Cold War


The Little Red Scare and its Background 1938-40
Religious Based Anti-Communism Msgr. Charles O. Rice
Communism in the Locals? - Joe Baron
Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees (H.E.R.E.) Union Organizer Carl Hacker - Ousted for Having Communist Ties?
Wartime Labor 1941-45
In 1942 the United Steelworkers of America replaced the Steel Workers Organizing Committee first established in 1936 by the CIO.
1946:  A Year of Major Strikes
1946 Strike in Steel, Electrical & Auto
Duquesne Light Strike
Taft-Hartley and Growing Labor Factionalism 1947
Wallace Campaign 1948
Henry Wallace Campaign For President
Denunciations & UnAmerican Hearings
Denunciations & UnAmerican Hearings
Matthew Cvetic - FBI Informant (3rd from right holding his hat)
Defense of Accused 1950-60
Defense of Accused Radicals: Hymen Schlesinger - Lawyer on Trial

Union Rivalry in Westinghouse & GE
1959 Steel Strike
Allegheny County Labor Council 1961
AFL-CIO Merger: Creation of Allegheny County Labor Council (ACLC) 1961