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6th Annual Labor Day Demonstration September 5th, 1904

"In 1882, Peter J. McGuire, founder of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, suggested a national holiday to honor the country's working people. In September 1882, workers staged the first Labor Day parade in New York City.  Organized labor then campaigned to make the day a national holiday. In 1887, Oregon became the first state to make Labor Day a legal holiday. President Grover Cleveland signed a bill in 1894 making Labor Day a legal holiday."
World Book Encyclopedia, 1964



Parade, Oratory, Sports and Fireworks Fill in the Day - Mayor Jones of Toledo and W. D. Mahon, the Principal Speakers

"Final arrangements for what promised to be the largest Labor Day demonstration ever held in Pittsburgh
were completed last night in connection with a meeting of the United Labor League. The day will be given up to a large parade, which will start at 11 o'clock this morning, speaking at Schenley Park as soon as the parade reaches there and continuing until 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when the program of sports will be taken up, and in the evening a large display of fireworks in the park.

Leading the parade will be a squad of mounted police in command of Acting Superintendent of Police Sol Coulson. Following will be the speakers of the day in a carriage and in a tally ho the committee of arrangements including the following: Thomas Grundy, chairman; John Fernau, master workman of District Assembly No. 3, Knights of Labor; John A. Connor, member of the general executive board of the Knights of Labor; R. S. Reeves of the general executive committee of the Amalgamated Association of Street Railway Employes; Alfred Madden of the carpenters; P. W. Gallagher, secretary of the United Labor League of Western, Pennsylvania; Calvin Wyatt of the printers; John Mallot of the Sheet Metal Workers

Also on the Committee

Other members of the committee are George Jones of the stonemasons, who is chief marshal; John S. Nash, president of the United Labor League, marshal of the first parade division; John G. Harris, secretary of Salespeople's assembly 4907, Knights of Labor, marshal of the second division, and J. W. Pryde, secretary of the Structural Iron Workers' Association of America, who is an aid on the staff of the chief marshal.

All trades represented in the parade will in some way carry the marks of their vocation. Stonemasons will be engaged in dressing stone on a flat. Recently organized bottlers will be filling pint and quart bottles with amber fluids. Metal workers will carry and umbrella and wear tin hats. The salespeople will ride in carriages and tally-hos. The United Cigarmakers League, L.A. 1374, K. of L., will also ride in carriages and park traps and will float their union label on banners. Members of the Pittsburgh organization of bricklayers will ride in a tally-ho.

Order of the Parade

Headquarters will be at the Knights of Labor Hall. The parade will move along Smithfield street, from Water street then on Fifth avenue, Liberty avenue Seventh avenue, Grant street, D and Forbes street to Diamond street, Forbes street to Schenley park...."


Additional Labor Day Articles:
"READY FOR LABOR DAY, Local Labor Leaders Complete Arrangements Last Night for Big New Castle Event"
Saturday, September 2, 1899, Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette
"WILL CLOSE ON MONDAY, Thirty-Eight Firms Have Agreed to Observe Labor Day"
Saturday, September 2, 1899, Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette
"LABOR DAY OBSERVED, Business Was Largely Suspended and a Large Crowd Attended New Castle Celebration"
Tuesday, September 5, 1899, Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette

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