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Local Labor Leaders Complete Arrangements Last Night for Big New Castle Event


"At a meeting of the United Labor league last night arrangements were completed for the local participation in the big labor celebration at Cascade park, New Castle, to-day.  W.A. Klinger, president of the league, will be the Pittsburgh division marshal of the parade.  His aides, appointed last night, are P.W. Gallaher of the painters, J.W. Prayle of the structural iron workers, J.W. Keller of the printers and Calvin Sullivan of the machinists.  The Pittsburgh delegation will form the second division of the parade, which will be made up as follows:  Second Brigade band, United Labor league, plumbers, G.A.R. band, carpenters, street railway employes, stone cutters with a band, printers and brewers with Germania band.

The transportation committee reported that 1,833 tickets had been sold to New Castle, with 38 organizations to be heard from. It was reported that two local stores had agreed to close for Labor Day and afterwards announced that they would not do so.  This was referred to the grievance committee.  An attempted boycott by the National Stogie Makers' league against the product of stogie makers' local union No. 1374 was referred to the grievance committee; also a report that a boulevard contractor is not observing the eight-hour law.

The resignation of President W.A. Klinger was accepted to take effect immediately after the Cascade park celebration of to-day.  Additional delegates were admitted to the league form several organizations already represented.  Action was deferred on an application for admission of a delegate from the local organization of bottblacks."


Thirty-Eight Firms Have Agreed to Observe Labor Day


"The movement managed by John A. Conner, master workman of the Salesmen's assembly, K. of L., to have the retail stores close on Monday in observance of Labor Day has met with greater success than had been anticiapted.  Up to 6 o'clock last night 38 firms had signed the agreement.  These firms are:  Kaufmann Bros., Solomon & Ruben, J. M. Gusky, Eisner & Phillips, I. Jackson & Bros., Arnfelds, Liberty Clothing Company, W.H. Keech Co., Wildberg Co., Taylor Bros., T.J. Devlin, H. Kleber, Bros. & Co., J.C. Grogan, Ulrich & Spencer, T.G. Evans & Co., Surprise Store, Emerson Shoe Company, Douglas Shoe Company, Cannon Shoe Company, Meyer Jonassen & Co., M.V. Pickering, Spear & Co., Friend & Co., Flanigan & Co., Ltd., Edmundson & Perrine, Dain & Daschbach Co., P.E. Smith & Co., Phelan's, J. Kevan & Co., White Sewing Machine Company, F.W. Woolwaith & Co. Nicoll, the tailor, W.B. Loveless & Co., John M. Irwin & Son, Rosenbaum & Co., H. Carter, Morris Saller, C.H. Rowe Co.

The committee saw many business men who would not sign the agreement, but who promised to close if the movement became general.  The stores of such men are expected to close.  Other firms were not called on, owing to lack of time, and the committee requests merchants who were not visited to give their employes the benefit of the holiday."


Business Was Largely Suspended and a Large Crowd Attended New Castle Celebration


"Observance of Labor Day in Pittsburgh yesterday was more general than ever before.  Banks, most of the downtown merchants and the union iron and steel mills closed.  Building was practically suspended.  Many railroad and other business offices closed, and there was a big crowd of organized laboring men that left the two cities on the excursion trains for the big celebration at Cascade park, New Castle.  The convening of the public schools for the regular term was only formal, the pupils being dismissed immediately after enrollment.  It is likely that the schools will be closed next Labor Day at the solicitation of local labor leaders.

Two special trains of 11 coaches each left on the Ft. Wayne railroad for Cascade park.  Two specials were also run on the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie.  There was some confusion at the Allegheny station of the Ft. Wayne yesterday morning when the picnickers presented the coupons, which had been purchased for 75 cents, to be exchanged for tickets.  The United Labor league had guaranteed the railroads at least $3,000 worth of business.  Holders of the coupons were told that no authority had been given for issuing the tickets.  There was considerable protesting before the matter was adjusted by communicating with railroad officials in Pittsburgh.

Assistant President B.I. Davis of the Amalgamated Association of Iron Steel and Tin Workers went to Youngstown yesterday to address a meeting of Iron and steel workers.  President Patrick Dolan of the Pittsburgh district organization of the United Mine Workers addressed a Labor Day meeting of miners at Barnesboro.  Secretary William Dodds addressed a meeting at Charletol."