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Margaret Darin: Union Pioneer in Westinghouse Electric

"How can you separate, at that period in history, anyway, how can you separate the issues? The men and women issues? I can't separate them. I'm not putting it right. In other words, how could you have, when everything was so bad, how could you have raised something, other than the question of 'equal pay for equal work', at that time, separate from the men. As a separate issue. You know, "alone" for the women."
--Margaret Darin in a 1977 interview with Ron Schatz
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Union Representatives with Members of Westinghouse Management, late 1930's
Scanned photo of Union Reps with Westinghouse members. Labeled names are present.

Click for Correspondence of Margaret Darin and A.L. Burkhart
Scanned images of correspondence detailing the labor disputes with Westinghouse and gains made by the UE

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