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Account of Three Strikes

In 1935, an unidentified writer, most likely employed by the Company, wrote an account of three strikes at the National Tube Works in McKeesport:  1894, 1901, and 1919.  These narratives, though not free of bias, give a vivid impression of worker agitation at National Tube Works.

".... May 14th, matters had arrived at a point where the agitation for a return to the previous wage culminated in decisive action among the "butt weld boys" .... with a "whoop and yell" .... the strike was on...."

".... On the 13th of August .... having an apparent excuse for a holiday, the "butt mill boys" joined the strike.  The colored iron workers organized a lodge, the bartenders .... the painters and paperhangers organized .... all in sympathy with the Amalgamated .... strike...."

".... the troopers hove in sight.  At the same time a freight train slowly moved towards McKeesport.  Sergeant Murphy .... headed his men along until they were a few yards from the crowd .... Murphy gave the command to charge, and .... the horses shot along the sidewalk."

Source: UE/Labor 91:6, Box 3061

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