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Union Representatives with Members of Westinghouse Management, late 1930's

Seated/Row 1 (left to right): M. Darin, Rec. Sec.; Patrick Welsh; Logan Burkhart; Charles Newell; John Metcalfe; Unknown; A. C. Streamer; I. B. Steifel; Unknown.
Row 2 (left to right): John Heller; T. J. Fitzpatrick; Mike Fitzpatrick; William Hunter; Unknown; Bernard Franey; Unknown - Shering?; Unknown; J. Shaffer.
Row 3 (left to right):  Dr. John King; A. M. Pefferman; Charles Kelly; Wm. Gettens; Henry Thomas; Erwin Spillane.

(Source: Papers of Margaret Darin Stasik, UE/Labor Archives. Names appear as indicated on back of photo.)