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Food & Provisioning Unions
Entertainment & Publishing Unions
White Collar/Professional Unions
Transport Unions

Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania developed a profusion of unions adapted to the various products, skills, and services of its population. Many of these unions (e.g. German Brewers, Jewish Bakers) preserved a distinctive ethnic/cultural cast, with minutes of meetings and other records kept in the language of the immigrants. The oldest continually existing union in the city is Pittsburgh Typographical Union No. 7. For musicians, Pittsburgh had two unions, one for “white” musicians and one for African Americans, which included many later famous jazz artists. Pennsylvania teachers fought a long battle to unionize; a six week strike in 1968 gained recognition for Pittsburgh public school teachers.

Bakers - "Buy Only Union Made Bread!!!"
Jewish Bakers Union (Local 44)
Bartenders Union (Local 188)
Brewers & Bottlers
Brewers & Bottlers Unions (Local 22, 144, and 22-67-144 Joint Board)
Hebrew Butcher Workers Union (Local No. 223)
Canning Workers - Heinz Plant
Canning and Pickle Workers Union (Local 325)
Egg Inspectors
Egg Inspectors Union (Local 14159)

Hotel and Restaurant - "Unity Among Waiters!!!"
Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees (H.E.R.E. Local 237)

Graphic Arts
Graphic Communications International Union (GAU Local 24)
Theatrical Stage Employees
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and Moving Picture Machine Operators of the United States and Canada, Local 3 (IATSE)
Musicians Union (Local 60-471)
Newswriters' Union
The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Newswriters Union No. 1)
Typographical Union (Local 7)

Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America