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Activities and Fate of an
African-American Communist Labor Organizer


Benjamin Lowell Careathers

 "... My name is Benjamin Lowell Careathers .... I have lived in Pittsburgh continuously for thirty-seven years.  My life and my activities have been an open book and are known to thousands of people throughout Western Pennsylvania.
     I was born in the South, in the countryside, a few miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee, approximately sixty-two years ago.  I say approximately, because I do not know the exact date of my birth....
.... When I was 15 or 16 years old, I left home because there was not enough for everybody in the family.  I immediately learned that leaving home was only an extension of the necessary struggle to keep alive....
.... I went to several cities in the North, finally settling down in Pittsburgh.  Every place I had gone, including Pittsburgh, I found that Mr. Jim Crow dominated the scene.  I finally made up my mind that there was no point in running away from Jim Crow because there was no place in this country to hide from him...."

Excerpts from "The Frame-Up of Benjamin Lowell Careathers".
Click to view first 13 pages of this publication by the "Committee to Defend the Pittsburgh Five" July, 1953.  (UE/Lab Misc. Pamphlets)


Organizing Cards of Ben Careathers
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