Executive Board, Officers and Staff, Pittsburgh Central Labor Union - 1951Executive Board
Top Row (left to right):

Harold Smith, Division 85, Street Car Men's Union, Executive Board Member; J. Francis Smith, Building Service Employees (deceased), former Trustee; Paul Kelly, Typographical Union No. 7, Trustee; Ralph Thomas, Hod Carriers, Building & Common Laborers No. 226, Executive Board Member; Tim Crannan, Sign, Scene and Pictorial Artists No. 479, Executive Board Member; Hugh Mullin, Firefighters No. 1, Executive Board Member; Daniel DeGregory, Automotive Chauffeurs, Parts and Garage Employees No. 926, Reading Clerk; Lawrence Sarricks, Bartenders Local 188, Executive Board Member.

Second Row (left to right):

James A. Sipe, Moving Picture Machine Operators Local 171, Executive Board Member; Hal Davis, Musicians Union No. 60, Executive Board Member; Louis L. Mottmann, Sign Painters No. 479, Warden; Walter Meatteson, Retail Clerks No. 1365, Executive Board Member; Ward Feitt, Warehousemen's Local 636, Sergeant-at-Arms; Paul R. Mitchell, Carpenters Local 142, Treasurer; A.P. Dudich, Post Office Clerks No.81, Executive Board Member.

Bottom Row (left to right):

Margaret Kissinger, Office Workers Local 33, Trustee; John Bradley, International Borotherhood of Electrical Workers No. 5, Executive Board; John A. Feigel, Typographical Union No. 7, CLU President; John A. Stackhouse, STate, County & Municipal Employees Local 357, B.S.E.I.U., Secretary; David E. Glavin, Building Service Employees, Executive Board Member; Ellen Myers, Office Secretary.

Note: Names and positions in photograph were copied from the Golden Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Central Labor Union American Federation of Labor program, pgs. 30-31. Thus the author of this page takes no responsibility outside the range of a typographical error for the misspelling or misrepresentation of figures presented here.