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Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers

Executive Board 1985

1st row seated left to right:  Willie Birscoe, Paraprofessional Group Representative; Walter Weaver, Treasurer; Mary VanHorn, Vice President for Elementary Schools; Joseph Zunic, Executive Secretary; Albert Fondy, President; Rufus Jordan, Vice President for Secondary Schools; Paul Francis, Vice Presdient for Middle Schools; Sylvia Wilson, Secretary; Nancy Ewing, Trustee.

2nd ro standing feft to right:  John Tarka, Member-At-Large; Barbara Supinka, Middle Schools Representative; Elaine Napper, Member-At-Large; David Horwitz, Trustee; Kathy Gensure, Member-At-Large; Brenda Faulkner, Paraprofessional Group Representative; Margaret Lindquist, Member-At-Large; Norman Frey, Member-At-Large; Saul Diamond, Member-At-Large; France Burke, Professional-Supportive Group Representative; Katherine Andrews, Paraprofessional Group Representative; Thomas Mattarochia, Elementary Group Representative; Mario Lacenere, Member-At-Large.

3rd row standing left to right:  Edward Pace, Financial Secretary; Richard Nash, Secondary Group Representative; Sherman Shrager, Middle Schools Representative.

Missing from picture:  George Gensure, Parliamentarian; Raymond Ames, Secondary Group Representative; Particia Rose, Elementary Group Representative; Mary Ann Harsch, Member-At-Large; Bernard Murray, Member-At-Large.