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Labor Legacy Project Title


      The Labor Legacy Web Site was started in 1999 by Dr. David L. Rosenberg, Archivist, UE/Labor Archives, and John P. Montoya, University of Pittsburgh, Class of 2002, as a project within the University Library System's Archives Service Center.  The Labor Legacy Website represents a unique effort to "map" the historical terrain of the labor movement in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania for the use of both the academic and general public. To date, the project has been funded by contributions from diverse labor organizations, foundations, individuals, and support has been given from the University Library System.

Features of the Labor Legacy Web Site

      An innovative Databank section contains a web-accessible storehouse of historical information on the officers, organizers, and chartering dates of Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania unions. Data on existing minute books and union newspapers is also included. At present, information on more than 500 local and regional labor organizations is included. For example, lists of the Presidents of the Pittsburgh Musicians and Typographical unions, lists of officers of the Pittsburgh and Washington, Pennsylvania Bricklayers unions, charter dates of Western Pennsylvania Steelworkers and Electrical Workers locals and certification dates of Service Employees union chapters - to name only a few - have been entered.

     Document Sets, which have been scanned onto the website, provide researchers and the general public online access to original documents from the Archives. Examples are an original 1927 report of the Bethlehem Steel Coal and Iron Police from Washington County; original Coroner's Inquest Files for those killed in the Battle of Homestead (1892); and a complete original photo album of the 1914 Westinghouse Strike at Union Switch and Signal.

      A Chronological section, "Labor Through the Years," assists users in obtaining a sense of the unfolding historical development by making use of scanned materials from the Archives Service Center's current collections; while the Union Profiles section showcases specific unions and organizations. Information on specific key labor figures or union meeting places and celebratory gatherings is found in the People, Places, Commemorations section.

       Special Features highlights "The UE in Pennsylvania" as well as "McKeesport and its Tube Works" - this involves extended documentation of these topics.