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Somerset Coal Strike

Strike call to non-union mine workers urging them help the strikers and not scab for the company.

Notice to inform New Yorkers where they get their coal.

Card pleading workers
of non-union mines to strike and not scab
for the company.

The Case of the Somerset Miners:

A broadside detailing the plight of the mine workers and their continued struggle in the strike against the company.

     The following resolution adopted at a mass meeting of miners of the Consolidation Coal Company, a Rockefeller interest, held at Acosta, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, on October 9, constitutes the answer of the Company's employees on strike since April to the Company's suggestion that it will settle only on a basis of dealing with individuals.
     Representatives of the striking miners in New York saw officials of the Consolidation Company and reported back to the miners in Somerset County.  The mass meeting was the result of the report.
     These miners together with those of the Berwind-White Coal Company are part of the 20,000 non-union men who struck for union recognition, along with 45,000 in the Connellsville field also still on strike.