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Workers at US Steel's National Works
McKeesport, PA  1870 - 1960
Source: UE/Labor 91:6 USX National Duquesne Works Collection

  • Chronology -- Technology
  • Chronology -- Labor Relations
  • Account of Three Strikes
  • Profile of the Workforce in 1922
  • Work Histories
  • The Union Comes to Tube Works
  • Name Index for 1940's Employment Records
  • Layout of Plant
  • Products
  • Plant and Community
  • Dangers of Mill Work

The Setting

Tour of the Mill
Featuring a pullout plan of the mill
National Tube Works to United States Steel Corporation
Plant nomenclature through the years, 1870-1970.
Chronology of Technological Developments, 1868-1955
Plant Facts
National Tube Brochure including scanned image noting 20 items of interest from the National Tube Company.
"Pipe Making Process"
View a scanned diagram of the pipe making process from the February 1937 issue of US Steel News.
Pipe Tree
View a scanned image of National Tube's "Pipe Family" tree from the February 1937 issue of US Steel News.
The Workforce [FEATURE] WWII Employment Cards Index for USX National Works 1940's
Typed index of workers detailing occupation, gender, birthplace and other demographics.
Work Histories
Index to Inactive Pension Files
National Tube Works Statistical Census of Employees by Nationality - 1922
Scanned images of a large checklist/spreadsheet representing many demographics such as spoken language, education, race, religion etc.
Accidents and
Data on Accidents at National Tube Works (1914)
National Tube Company Safety Department report analysis of "Lost Time Accidents" for the year 1914 with comparisons from years 1912 & 1913.
Fatal Accidents At National Tube Co. National Works, 1930-1950
Index to Workmen's Compensation File
Index indicating workers name, check number, date and type of injury.
Narratives A Company Account of Three Strikes at National Tube
1894, 1901, 1919
Repression of Civil Liberties 1923, 1934
The McKeesport Central Labor Council
The Union Comes to McKeesport - Pre SWOC Era
The Modern Steelworkers Union Comes to McKeesport - SWOC Era
USWA Organizers' Reports of New Lodges for McKeesport.
New CIO Unions Support an AF of L Strike at Peter's Packing Co. - 1938 (UE/Labor 91:6)
Employees on strike at Peter's Packing Company respond to an advertisement misrepresenting their case and to advance a boycott of Peter's Packing Company products along with other labor organizations.  This flier was passed from house to house on May 23, 1938.