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Union Switch and Signal Strike Photo Album
June 1914

     In the 1910's. Workers in East Pittsburgh's "Electric Valley" created impressive, if short-lived, workers' organizations. In the 1914 Strike at Westinghouse and Union Switch and Signal, women workers, often employed as coil winders, played a leading role, as this remarkable photo album shows below. In the 1930's, some female coil winders, like Margaret Darin, were again active, this time helping bring permanent union organization to the valley.

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(Source: UE 91:3, Gift of Charles J. McCollester) Some of the photographs from this album have been reproduced by Charles J. McCollester in "Turtle Creek Fights Taylorism: The Westinghouse Strike of 1914," Labor's Heritage 4:2 (Summer 1992): 4-27.

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