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Pittsburgh Typographical
Union No. 7

The Pittsburgh Typographical Union No. 7, with a history of organizations in 1836 ("Journeymen Printers of Pittsburgh"), 1839, 1846 and the present Union in 1849, is the oldest continually existing labor organization in Pittsburgh.  A history of the organization can be found in 100 Years as a Chartered Union, 1852-1952: History of the Pittsburgh Typographical Union No. 7, a book for the occasion of its 100th Anniversary.  The Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh, possesses this book and other materials in the Labor Archives such as the Typo. Union's minute books dating back to 1867 and a picturesque "rat book" from the 1890s listing the names of companies who failed to agree to the Union's scale.

1836 Price List - Journeymen Printers of Pittsburgh
(from 100 Years as a Chartered Union)
Excerpt from Minute Book of Meeting, July 6, 1867
Typo Union Minute Book Excerpts Regarding the Homestead Strike - 1892
Typo Union Presidents 1852 - 1952
Dues books and cards used by member, Edward S. Cook 1882-1923
Official Bulletin - Labor Periodical, March 14, 1947