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William Penn Hotel Strike

February 5, 1934 -  300-350 strikers walk out saying the Hotel does not live up to code.  Workers claim they are receiving a minimal salary of 98 cents per day.

Hotel hires 300 replacement workers.

Workers begin daily picketing of hotel.

During strike Mayor McNair decries presence of women on the picket line.

(c. Feb. 18/19). Near end of 2nd week this leaflet was issued by the pickets to discourage scabbing.

February 24, 1934 Council for Peace and Social Action (including John Weaver and some local clergy) send out fund solicitation on behalf of the strikers and their families. 

Charles Parrandin Chairman of the Strike Committee, acknowledged some of these donations in a letter to John Weaver dated February 28, 1934.

March 9 - Regional Labor Board rules Hotel is wrong and orders them to re-hire all strikers.

Strikers go before council to complain of police conduct toward pickets, Police are said to have charged their horses into the picket lines and been unduly forceful toward women pickets. Councilman John Kane vows investigation. Harry Reich indicated as spokesman for Committee. 

March 17 - Regional Labor Board says it cannot act to enforce ruling on Hotel until expiration of March 24 deadline it had set for Hotel's compliance.

March 22 - Conferences between Hotel management and strikers begin but do not produce agreement.  At issue is whether Hotel will rehire all striking employees or only some.

March 23 - Strikers ask Regional Labor Board to enforce their earlier ruling.
A student committee from the University of Pittsburgh, headed by Harold J. Ruttenberg and including E. Stanley Goldman and Marjorie Hanson, urges the University's Reserve Officers Training Corps to move their military ball that was scheduled at the William Penn for that night.  ROTC student chair declines.

Hotel only offers to re-hire a small number (20%) of strikers and fill vacancies as for others.
Strikers reject this offer and hold downtown parade from 3-4 pm.

March 30 - Council for Peace and Social Action appoints a committee to investigate police conduct during the strike.

April 9 - Hotel workers await old jobs as strike ends.

April 9 - Plan of re-employment announced by Management of the William Penn including the Decree by the United States Court.