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USX National Defense Program Identification Card Listings
1940's series

Source: UE/Labor 91:6, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh.

Card TN
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Example:  Masko, George (last/first name) 14188 (check number) Czechoslavakia (birth place) WM (race/gender code = white/male) laborer (position applied for)

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Caban, Paula 32127 Newall WM labor

Cable, Jay 18187 Buena Vista WM pipefitter

Cacko, Jan 1198 Czechoslavakia WM ore sampler

Cage, Lee 12344 Sycamore WM labor

Cahill, Michael 29062 McKeesport WM labor

Cain, John 19166 McKeesport WM 2nd engineer

Cakanae, Frank 16138 Versailles WM labor

Calcutt, Charles 27307 McKeesport WM

Calcutt, Herbert 11047 McKeesport WM inspector

Calder, Charles 1211 McKeesport WM power man

Caldwell, Charles 2092 McKeesport WM scrap car oper

Caldwell, Charles R 120 Kentucky WM payroll guard

Calesaric, Stephen 39097 McKeesport WM electroplating

Calhoun, James 17210 McKeesport WM spark tester

Calhoun, Joel 767 Macon, Ga WM engineer

Calhoun, John 27077 McKeesport WM repairman

Callahan, Agnes 32705 McKeesport WF labor

Callahan, Celestine 30394 McKeesport WM labor

Callahan, George 29983 Sumerset WM labor

Callahan, James 18210 McKeesport WM car repairman

Callahan, Joseph 19215 McKeesport WM rigger

Callaway, George 25074 Troy, NY WM crane oper

Callaway, Robert 28252 Kentucky WM labor

Calloway, Jamuel 3070 NY,NY WM craneman

Calloway, William 20095 McKeesport WM machinist

Calvin, George 7022 Grenville WM labor

Calvo, Amador 31392 Spain WM labor

Cam, Raymond 32864 Greensburg WM labor

Camarillo, Manuel 29836 Rankin WM labor

Canbell, Louis 8291 Milesburg Co WM oiler

Camerino, Garino 19429 Niler, Oh WM screan man

Cameron, Grace 27279 Kentucky WF crane oper

Camp, James Canonsburg WM labor

Campagna, Nicola 28085 Italy WM labor

Cmpagna, Mary 28088 McKeesport WF scrap burner

Campagnola, Michael 6044 E Monongahela WM chipper

Campana, Anna 32293 Canonsburg WF labor

Campana, Paeter 13114 Italy WM crane follower

Campanella, Donato 19345 Italy WM bricklayer

Campbell, Andrew 2335 Versailles WM cinderman

Campbell, Ann 9077 Rular Ridge WF labor

Campbell, Carrie 17301 Coulter WF janitor

Campbell, Charles 31695 McKeesport WM labor

Campbell, Charles A 31083 Buena Vista WM labor

Campbell, Dorothy 32703 Versailles WF labor

Campbell, Earle 20003 Pgh WM machinist

Campbell, Edmund 859 McKeesport WM clerk

Campbell, Findley 29738 Indiana, Pa WM labor

Campbell, Frank 2064 Saltsburg WM bottom maker

Campbell, Frank G 29475 McKeesport WM labor

Campbell, George 33187 Monaca WM labor

Campbell, George G 34518 McKeesport WM labor

Campbell, George G 1071 McKeesport WM payroll clerk

Campbell, George K 22006 McKeesport WM machinist

Campbell, henry 233 McKeesport WM chemist

Campbell, Jay 13317 N Carolina BM labor

Campbell, John 11231 Pgh WM mach oper

Campbell, John 16308 McKeesport WM labor

Campbell, Joseph 32742 Fayette WM labor

Campbell, Leroy

Campbell, Rhody 28162 McKeesport WM roll turner

Campbell, Robert 20238 Homer City WM machinist

Campbell, Rudolph 8349 Port Vue WM loader

Campbell, William 39049 Mckeesport WM shipping clerk

Canaan, Myron 31415 Strattonville WM labor

Candelore, Anthony 17379 Frank WM labor

Canistra, Betty 40282 Uniontown WF labor

Cannato, Guiseppe 17182 Italy WM janitor

Cannon, Taylor 1293 Monroe BM labor

Cano, George 2345 McKeesport WM test carrier

Cano, John 31379 McKeesport WM labor

Canova, John 13366 Italy WM labor

Canova, Louis 31113 McKeesport WM mach oper

Canova, michael 35794 McKeesport WM labor

Capezzuto, Gilbert 12199 Wilmerding WM labor

Capone, Mary 31976 Canonsburg WF labor

Cappell, Charles 2124 Pgh WM vessel scrapper

Captain, Lillian 40343 W Moreland Co WF labor

Caputo, Phyllis 31768 Monesseu WF labor

Caramela, Florence 32324 Grandview WF labor

Cardas, Albert 31121 McKeesport WM labor

Cardas, George 359 Czechoslavakia WM foreman

Cardwell, Betty McKeesport WF typist

Cardwell, James 41 Scotland WM clerk

Cardwell, Jennings 8036 Kentucky WM piercer oper

Cardwell, Lauretta 17336 McKeesport WF pipe counter

Carey, George 13313 Georgia WM labor

Carey, Minnie 11442 Mt Pleasant BF inspector

Carey, Thomas 10148 McKeesport WM labor

Cargo, Frank 38246 Boston, Pa WM foreman

Cargo, George 39035 Boston, Pa WM tally clerk

Cargo, Helen 27268 Parryfork WF crane oper

Caricato, Lucille 8042 McKeesport WM steeler checker

Carlin, Arthur 1202 McKeesport WM chemist

Carlson, Charley 34 McKeesport WM clerk

Carlson, David 9062 McKeesport WM gauger

Carlson, Duane 29538 McKeesport WM labor

Carlson, Frank 10012 Pgh WM gauger

Carlson, Harold 22052 McKeesport WM blacksmith

Carlson, Henry 20123 Sweden WM machinist

Carlson, June 1178 Illinois WF oper

Carlson, Karin 12216 Sweden WM labor

Carlson, Paul 30053 Versailles WM loader

Carlson, Sven 31080 Sweden WM oiler

Carlson, Thelma 1320 Coulter WF test carrier

Carlson, William 24012 Illinois WM labor

Carlson, William 19046 Illinois WM bricklayer

Carmichel, Lucille 32505 Herminie BF labor

Carmichael, William 13326 Atlanta,Ga BM labor

Carnahan, Charles 454 Boston, Pa WM foreman

Carnahan, Glenn 5069 Boston, Pa WM conveyor oper

Carnahan, Raymond 5128 Versilles WM burning blooms

Carnahan, Rosa 17081 Boston, Pa WF mach oper

Carnegie, Albert 7136 Hays WM shearman

Carnes, Ruth 31742 Charleroi WF labor

Carney, Joseph 24058 Poland WM labor

Carnish, Edward 5060 McKeesport WM labor

Carnish, John 2266 McKessport WM craneman

Carnival, Catherine 31027 Italy WF labor

Carolei, Frank 7150 W Va WM labor

Carozzo, Fred 11292 Clairton WM labor

Carp, Steve 29227 Hungary WM scale wheeler

Carpenter, Herbert 27171 McKeesport WM crane oper

Carpenter, William 17132 McKeesport WM mach oper

Carr, Charles 26062 England WM repairman

Carr, Clarence 9110 McKeesport WM clerk

Carr, Cornelius 419 McKeesport WM blower

Carr, Cornelius W 1134 McKeesport WM foreman

Carr, Samuel 30021 McKeesport WM tool/die oper

Carr, Thomas 12132 McKeesport WM labor

Carr, Thomas L 29051 McKeesport WM tractor oper

Carrick, Robert 31703 McKeesport WM labor

Carrick, Thomas 12169 McKeesport WM mach oper

Carritz, Andrew 30133 Boston, Mass WM loader

Carrol, John 4010 McKeesport WM bottom maker

Carroll, Clyde 36022 McKeesport WM millwright

Carroll, Earl 2240 McKeesport WM craneman

Carroll, Earl 11603 McKees Rocks WM

Carroll, James 13593 McKeesport WM labor

Carroll, John 29912 McKeesport WM carpenter

Carroll, Joseph 24099 Scottsdale WM carpenter

Carroll, Robert 31609 Monongahela WM labor

Carroll, Thomas 13544 McKeesport WM labor

Carroll, Thomas M 18034 Robbins WM greaser

Carroll, Walter 3084 McKees Rocks WM craneman

Carroll, William 26079 McKeesport WM machinist

Carrozzo, Paul 1039 Monesseu WM clerk

Carson, Thomas 11287 Irwin WM labor

Carter, Brennie 6336 S Carolina BM labor

Carter, Calvin 32885 McKeesport BM labor

Carter, Charles 13580 McKeesport WM labor

Carter, Clarence 26259 Waynesburg WM welder

Carter, George 9148 McKeesport WM clerk

Carter, George 603 England WM clerk

Carter, James 5156 Eugene, Oregon WM burning blooms

Carter, James 29143 Philadelphia BM labor

Carter, John 5074 McKeesport WM manipulator

Carter, John W 391 Alpsville WM foreman

Carter, Oscar 4001 Glassport WM recorder

Carter, Raymond 2077 McKeesport WM weigher

Carter, Robert 31619 McKeesport WM labor

Carter, Wayne 3069 McKeesport WM craneman

Carter, William 31421 W Virginia BM labor

Cartia, Samuel 12470 McKeesport WM labor

Cartwright, Ralph 17015 Glassport WM engineer

Caruso, Grace 32041 Charleroi WF labor

Caruso, Joseph 32934 Bentleyville WM labor

Casabona, Albert 31351 Glassport WM labor

Casagrande, Dolores 32780 Collier, WVa WF labor

Casanella, Carl 29314 McKeesport WM labor

Casciani, Regina 12248 New Eagle WF labor

Casey, Betty 9156 McKeesport WF grinder

Cash, Eugene 29134 S. Carolina BM labor

Cash, Hattie 31894 S. Carolina BF labor

Cash, Sarah 32532 S. Carolina BF labor

Cashmere, Anthony 31334 Continental WM labor

Casper, Stella 13567 Strabane WF labor

Cassidy, Edna 907 Clairton WF labor

Cassidy, Vincent 13585 Dunbar Twp WM labor

Casteel, Della 32592 Fayette City WF labor

Casteel, Freda 32333 Canallsville WF labor

Casteel, Mazzetta 33048 Fayette City WF labor

Casteel, Stella 32345 Fayette City WF labor

Castle, Jean 40323 Monesseu WF labor

Castor, Frank 15208 Clairton WM coupling starter

Casturo, Charles 28226 Jacobs Creek WM labor

Catalino, Michael 8239 Trantum WM charger

Caton, Anne 6198 Duquesne WF steel chaser

Cattaneo, Andrew 6323 Monongehela WM labor

Cattone, Frank 1275 Scranton WM labor

Caughey, John 17222 McKeesport WM transit man

Cavalier, Lloyd 19235 Greensburg WM bricklayer

Cavallaro, Alessandro 28221 Italy WM ashman

Caye, George 19347 Pittsburgh WM rigger

Cecconello, William 31938 Irwin WM labor

Cedillo, Arthur 1011 Uveld, TX WM foreman

Cegelski, Vera 27278 Pittsburgh WF crane operator

Cellerine, Fred 5039 Italy WM conveyer operator

Cellerini, Elizabeth 31896 McKeesport WF labor

Cellerini, Josephine 11146 McKeesport WF labor

Centoni, Joseph 9103 Masontown WM grinder

Cerniga, John 29274 McKeesport WM labor

Cerniga, Michael 27144 McKeesport WM millwright

Cernigo, John 30220 Czecho. WM loader

Cernuto, Joseph 31032 Mt. Pleasant WM labor

Ceroni, Theresa 2112 Mt. Pleasant WF labor

Certelli, Eugene 16106 W. Elizabeth WM labor

Cervi, Rose 861 Courtney WF comptometeroper

Cetto, Steve 28110 Hungary WM bargeman

Chaffin, George 39091 Virginia BM labor

Chaffin, Henry 40214 Virginia BM special coating

Chagnot, Edward 437 Ohio WM foreman

Chakan, John 28010 Horicio WM pipefitter

Chalfant, John 6012 Duquesne WM inspector

Challenger, Frank 29502 Elizabeth WM production clerk

Challenger, James 11173 McKeesport WM machine operator

Challenger, John 30075 McKeesport WM tally clerk

Challinov, Robert 20078 Homewood WM machinist

Chalmer, Floyd 2417 Mongram, NC BM burner

Chamberlain, James 28127 McKeesport WM maintenance

Chamberlain, Thomas 28165 McKeesport WM crane operator

Chambers, Chas 19145 WVa WM rigger

Chambers, Marnell 32882 Blythedale BF labor

Chambers, Mary 17317 W. Newton WF spark tester

Chanko, Mike 40351 Donora WM labor

Channing, Robert 31420 WVa WM labor

Chano, Michael 4033 Austria WM bottom maker

Chaplin, Byron 2801 Clearfield WM draftman

Chapman, George 4034 England WM heater

Chapman, John 5023 England WM piler

Chapman, Russell 32239 Green Co. WM labor

Chapman, Samuel 5053 Duquesne WM manipulator

Chaputa, Mary 11471 Clairton WF inspector

Charlesworth, Grace 28161 McKeesport WF labor

Charlton, Norman 22088 Percyville WM blacksmith

Charmo, Helen 30506 Hermanie WF labor

Charmo, John 37012 Czecho WM inlet operator

Charnack, Chas 6304 Manifold WM chipper

Charnack, John 6296 WVa WM chipper

Charney, John 29938 McKeesport WM machine helper

Charney, John S. 1206 Glassport WM car operaror

Charney, Michael 25099 Glassport WM millwright

Charney, Mike 30130 Czecho WM loader

Charney, Stephen 28115 Port Vue WM labor

Charney, William 18240 Port Vue WM ---

Charny, Andrew 13025 McKeesport WM labor

Chatmah, Clarence 33196 S. Carolina BM labor

Chattaway, Irene 9193 New Eagle WF labor

Chavis, Isiah 1096 S. Carolina BM 2nd helper

Chavis, Joseph 1265 S. Carolina BM labor

Chaverini, Viola 11253 Glassport WF labor

Check, Anna 32418 Daisytown WF labor

Cheesman, Charles 11239 Duquesne WM millwright

Chemento, Lucian 13612 Italy WM labor

Chemez, Charles 29213 Hungary WM labor

Chemsak, John 19095 Austria WM engineer

Cherepko, Blanche 29648 Brownsville WF labor

Cherepko, Helen 9142 McKeesport WF grinder

Cherepko, John 30499 Elizabeth WM window cleaner

Cherepko, Mary 6060 Elizabeth WF heat chaser

Chermonitz, Robert McKeesport WM -----

Chernichky, Mike 9003 Czecho WM oil separator

Chernicky, Steve 29099 McKeesport WM labor

Cherpak, Anna 25194 Duquesne WF crane operator

Cherpak, Helen 12331 Donora WF labor

Cherrvenyak, Joseph 10119 Austria WM pipe painter

Cherry, Arthur 31175 McKeesport WM labor

Cherry, Chas 300 McKeesport WM draftsman

Cherry, John 33295 Czecho WM labor

Chervenak, Michael 31666 E. Deer Twp. WM labor

Cheswick, Stephan 27164 McKeesport WM repairman

Chester, James 31682 Pittsburgh WM labor

Chester, William 5094 McKeesport WM millwright

Cheverini, Edmund 31187 McKeesport WM labor

Chiaramitan, John 13078 McKeesport WM blast operator

Chiaverini, Albert 28313 Monesseu WM draftsman

Chiaverini, Angeline 11198 McKeesport WF labor

Chiaverini, Frank 30138 McKeesport WM labor

Chiaverini, John 30084 McKeesport WM labor

Chick, Barbara 29084 Austria WF labor

Chider, Steve 40352 Donora WM labor

Chile, Elizabeth 31975 Mammoth WF labor

Chilzer, Thelma 32435 Monongahela WF labor

Chisholm, James 2012 Chester,SC WM labor

Chisholm, James 6023 W. Newton WM inspector

Chisholm, William 3018 Chester,SC BM labor

Chislom, Henry 31238 NC BM labor

Chiti, Bruno 20259 Republic WM 2nd helper

Chiti, Bruno 29716 Republic WM labor

Chizmar, Andrew 14017 Port Vue WM labor

Chizmar, Charles 33418 Philsburg,NJ WM ----

Chizmar, Joseph 16276 ------- -- ----

Chlystek, Cecilia 29690 McKeesport WF labor

Chlystek, Frank 29009 Glassport WM labor

Chocinsky, Demetro 7085 Poland WM shear helper

Chocinsky, Frank 7107 Poland WM crane follower

Chocinsky, Paul 31261 McKeesport WM labor

Chokota, John 28230 Duquesne WM labor

Chomanics, John 27090 Czecho. WM millwright

Chomanics, Majk 19059 Czecho. WM water tender

Chontos, Alex 7083 Port Vue WM 3rd grademan

Chontos, Andrew 31140 McKeesport WM labor

Chontos, Andrew Jr. 7120 Austria WM mill motor oper.

Chontos, William 31048 Port Vue WM labor

Chontos, William J. 7100 Austria WM roller

Chopey, Julia 11404 McKeesport WF labor

Chopy, George 13064 Czech. WM straightener

Chornyak, Wasily 29205 Hungary WM labor

Chottiner, Lawrence 12139 McKeesport WM lathe hand

Chovanetz, Stephen 31408 Princedale WM labor

Chrillo, Peter 34574 McKeesport WM tractor oper.

Christ, Louis 29745 Lock #4 WM labor

Christ, William 30078 Schaben WM tally clerk

Christain, Robert 13387 VA BM labor

Christian, Alfred 29400 Pittsburgh BM labor

Christian, Irene 31923 Coveville VA BF labor

Christian, Robert 17279 Pittsburgh WM summer appr.

Christine, Gail 24073 Reedville WM timer

Christopher, Anthony 2180 McKeesport WM test catcher

Christopher, Bertha 32148 Sympsou WF labor

Christopher, Frank 3009 Fayette Co. WM 1st helper

Christopher, Fred 13411 Dravosburg WM labor

Christopher, Joseph 19058 Italy WM rigger

Christy, Edward 27145 McKeesport WM crane oper.

Chuchla, Stanley 16020 Poland WM mach. oper

Chuckla, Ben 18165 McKeesport WM machinist app.

Chupasko, Olga 32741 N. Charleroi WF labor

Chura, Edward 30186 Elizabeth WM labor

Church, Paul 26226 WVa WM welder

Churilla, Elizabeth 32024 Canonsburg WF labor

Churilla, Lucy 32468 Racoon WF labor

Chymire, Robert 2333 McKeesport WM cleanup

Ciaramitano, Frank 15254 McKeesport WM tag maker

Ciavarra, Frank 15254 Italy WM sweeper

Ciber, Andrew 28584 Congo,OH WM labor

Ciborowski, Joseph 39078 McKeesport WM labor

Ciborowski, Steve 20204 McKeesport WM mach. apprent.

Cibula, Edwin 10142 Port Vue WM labor

Cicak, John 29575 Czecho WM labor

Cicantz, Mary 29857 Connelsville WF labor

Ciehanoski, Peter 13600 Poland WM upset labor

Cielicska, John 20218 Poland WM mach help

Cielieska, Joseph 30166 Glassport WM loader

Cielieska, Pauline 17037 Port Vue WF tracer

Cielieska, Walter 11496 Port Vue WM stenciler

Cieslelski, Stella 31724 Poland WF labor

Ciesielski, Steve 2102 Poland WM engineer

Cieslewicz, Joseph 19035 McKeesport WM oiler

Cieslewicz, Joseph A. 29456 McKeesport WM labor

Cieslewicz, Thomas 18146 Duquesne WM rigger

Cieslewicz, Vincent 13037 McKeesport WM labor

Cigas, Josef 8231 Czecho WM tool keeper

Cilia, Angelo 19256 Italy WM bricklayer

Cilia, Antonio 19361 Atlanta, PA WM bricklayer

Cilia, John 19362 Italy WM bricklayer

Cimbalmos, Elek 15167 Hungary WM bundler

Cindric, Frank 11083 McKeesport WM labor

Cindric, Joseph 12341 McKeesport WM labor

Cindric, Marko 14234 Austria WM labor

Cindric, Roy 9166 McKeesport WM mach. oper

Cindrich, Joseph 28075 Yugoslavia WM fireman

Cindrich, Mike 39063 Yugoslavia WM labor

Cinelli, Nicholas 16059 Philly WM crane follower

Cipriam, Joseph 32936 Glassport WM labor

Cirilli, Albert 29589 Keffertown WM labor

Cirillo, Roy 31361 Uniontown WM labor

Cisco, Carmen 17043 Clairton WM clerk

Cislo, Albert 26279 Dravosburg WM oiler

Cislo, Madelyne 31901 Pittsburgh WF labor

Clark, Carl 31226 Pitcairn WM labor

Clark, Ernest 29693 Connellsville WM labor

Clark, Eugene 13462 McKeesport WM labor

Clark, James 19070 Duquesne WM bricklayer

Clark, James R. 11449 Clarksburg WM labor

Clark, Robenia 12177 Elizabeth WF labor

Clark, Robert 26074 Braddock WM summer appr.

Clark, Roy 26163 W.VA WM welder

Clark, Thomas 29668 Wyano, OH WM labor

Clarke, William 20075 W. England WM machinist

Clary, Charles 31841 W.VA WM labor

Claudio, Cecilia 11066 Masontown,WVA WF labor

Clay, Earl 36093 Elizabeth WM distributor

Clay, Harry 28189 Maryland WM roll turner

Clay, Mary 904 McKeesport WF billing

Clay, Rose 31994 Washington WF labor

Clay, Samuel 22067 Boston, PA WM blacksmith

Clay, William 70 Boston, PA WM order clerk

Clay, William R. 7118 Maryland WM motor clerk

Clayborn, Rozell 33058 Brienzer BF labor

Claypool, Dale 805 Pittsburgh WM clerk

Claypole, Orval 30500 WVA WM labor

Clayton, Vincent 13240 Stuebenville,OH WM clerk

Clayton, William 26020 Stuebenville,OH WM welder

Clegett, Eugene 29781 Alabama BM labor

Clemente, Alex 31308 Donora WM labor

Clemente, Delphina 11129 Rocca WF labor

Clemons, Herbert 13284 S.Carolina BM labor

Clendaniel, Harriet 28288 Elizabeth WF labor

Clewer, George 234 McKeesport WM analyst

Clewer, Harry 21007 McKeesport WM gauge maker

Clifford, Ernest 1020 Clairton WM labor

Cline, Robert 31057 Vandelgrift WM labor

Cline, Russell 3110 Rowlesburg,WVA WM labor

Clippa, Leona 32165 Masontown WF labor

Clipper, Theodore 27221 Fayette City WM crane op

Clusta, Mary 40287 Cokeburg WF labor

Clydesdale, Alex 445 Dunbar WM foreman

Coates, Grant McKeesport WM ---

Coban, Anthony 37027 Yugoslavia WM trucker

Coban, George 11380 Versailles WM labor

Coban, Stephan 29360 Versailles WM crane pilot

Cobb, Raymond 13327 McDonald BM labor

Coberly, Gladys 11459 Charleroi WF inspector

Cobes, Mae 9097 Derry WF grinder

Coccari, Betty 32042 Monesseu WF labor

Coccia, Pasquale 31447 Italy WM labor

Coccioletti, Vincenzo 23080 Italy WM boilermaker

Cochenour, Mack 33141 Calif, PA WM labor

Cochenour, Mary 26170 Sutersville WF elec. help

Cochran, Maxine 115 Brockway WF nurse

Coco, Vincent Italy WM bricklayer

Coder, William 19292 Stockton WM bricklayer

Cohn, Leslie 32889 Canonsburg WM labor

Cohn, Louis 12465 Wall WM auto oiler

Coiro, Sebastiano 1176 Italy WM 2nd help

Cokfane, John 18048 Butler Co. WM engineer

Coking, EDith 32040 E. Pike Run WF labor

Coking, Elsie 32062 E. Pike Run WF labor

Colabianchi, Roland 31282 Grindstone WM labor

Colangelo, Samuel 6212 New Castle WM chipper

Colbert, Charles 26078 McKeesport WM elec. appr.

Colbert, Frank 33264 McKeesport WM ---

Colbert, Otto 29353 Monroeville WM labor

Colcord, Bradford 1 Johnstown WM gen. super

Cole, Dorothy 32837 Franklin Twp. BF labor

Cole, Luriline 32669 Alabama BF labor

Coleman, Constance 882 Versailles WF messenger

Coleman, Genevieve 16290 WVA WF labor

Coleman, James 27062 McKeesport WM crane oper

Coleman, John 27075 McKeesport WM crane oper

Coleman, Matthew 29415 Buena Vista BM labor

Coleman, Raymond 28191 McKeesport WM roll turner

Colench, Americo 6170 Blairville WM chipper

Colench, Mary 17306 Blairville WF mach. oper

Coles, Roy 39088 W.Wyoming,PA WM labor

Coley, Estelle 32217 Georgia BF labor

Colflesh, Curwen 23037 McKeesport WM acetylene welder

Colflesh, Harry 14144 McKeesport WM unloader

Collier, Charles 27029 Italy WM repairman

Collier, Edward 17087 McKeesport WM clerk

Collier, Joseph 19103 VA WM clerk

Collins, Betty 878 Duquesne WF messenger

Collins, Leo 34089 McKeesport WM labor

Collins, Owen 408 Pittsburgh WM foreman

Collins, Patrick 15014 Pittsburgh WM labor

Collins, Thomas 16284 McKeesport WM labor

Collmar, James 27180 WVa WM craneman

Comedy, Kathleen 32794 Washington BF labor

Comer, James 19396 Pittsburgh WM rigger

Comer, Thelma 8608 Turtlecreek WF steel checker

Comfort, Ruth 33118 Washington WF labor

Como, Ann 32907 Teverskyn WF labor

Como, Arthur 38005 McKeesport WM weighman

Como, Decoposo 31111 Argentina WM labor

Como, Domenick 13616 Glassport WM labor

Como, Gustachio 29655 McKeesport WM labor

Compel, Steve 8432 Port Vue WM ---

Conard, William 24092 McKeesport WM carpenter

Coney, Nara 33202 Louisiana BM labor

Coneybeer, George 29320 Gates WM mach. appr.

Confer, John 8250 Louisville,KY WM burner

Conko, Stephan 20196 Trotter WM machinist

Conley, Albert 7037 McKeesport WM foreman

Conley, Antoinette 31025 McKeesport WF labor

Conley, Cornelius 28222 WVa WM roll turner

Conley, Evelyn 27301 McKeesport WF crane oper

Conley, Francis 13495 Duquesne WF labor

Conley, James 29384 Glassport WM labor

Conley, John 15206 Duquesne WM labor

Conley, Michael 16081 McKeesport WM t&p clerk

Conn, Kenneth 33218 Grantsville,MD WM labor

Conn, Thomas 20236 Uniontown WM machinist

Connelly, Evelyn 477 Charleroi WF typist

Connelly, John 5017 McKeesport WM roller

Connelly, John 4043 McKeesport WM recorder

Connelly, Martin 19144 Ireland WM rigger

Connelly, Michael 8059 McKeesport WM reeler oper

Connelly, Michael 221 McKeesport WM foreman

Connelly, Patrick 8179 McKeesport WM heater

Connelly, Thomas 19454 McKeesport WM rigger

Connelly, William 11024 McKeesport WM clerk

Connelly, William O 8104 McKeesport WM plug setter

Conners, Joseph 19264 WVA WM rigger

Connolly, Patrick 20251 Pittsburgh WM machinist

Connor, Catherine 31011 Ehrenfeld WF labor

Connor, John 29595 McKeesport WM labor

Connors, Catherine 274 Nanty Glo WF stenographer

Connors, Hugh 27177 Scotland WM crane operator

Conrad, Dorothy 873 Port Vue WF mach oper

Conrad, William 31883 McKeesport WM labor

Conrad, William F 29732 Moussonin? WM clean up

Conroy, Anne 31709 Rankin WF labor

Conroy, Bernard 17360 McKeesport WM clerk

Conroy, Betty 40014 Duquesne WF labor

Considine, Charles 29475 McKeesport WM labor

Considine, Francis 27015 McKeesport WM repairman

Considine, John 17450 Dunbar WM clerk

Considine, John R. 27068 McKeesport WM crane operator

Constable, Katherine 12032 Mt. Pleasant WF labor

Contrella, Clyde 40219 Greenock WM 1st helper

Conway, Dave 3038 Glassport WM cleaning man

Conway, Frank 19086 Alleg. Co. WM 1st engineer

Conway, James 33313 Clairton WM labor

Cook, Edward 14210 McKeesport WM bundler

Cook, Elmer 18231 McKeesport WM millwright

Cook, Francis 31995 Washington BF labor

Cook, James 2392 Portage WM labor

Cook, Leona 25036 Connellesville WF crane oper

Cook, Michael 28239 Leisenring WM scrap handler

Cook, Thomas 2264 Beaver Falls WM craneman

Cook, Thomas J. 18030 McKeesport WM millwright

Cook, William 29352 Burmingham BM labor

Cooke, Wilfrid 30083 Scotland WM clerk

Cooley, Dorothy McKeesport WF clerk

Cooley, Warren 691 McKeesport WM clerk

Cooley, William 116 Homestead WM super

Cooley, William 846 McKeesport WM clerk

Cooper, Bernice 32901 Georgia BF labor

Cooper, Edward 26281 McKeesport WM welder

Cooper, Eugene 33062 McKeesport BM labor

Cooper, Evelyn 32103 Charleroi WF labor

Cooper, Harry 19313 Homestead WM bricklayer

Cooper, James 16032 McKeesport WM labor

Cooper, John 29559 McKeesport WM oiler

Cooper, John M 40235

Cooper, Joseph 31109 Bentleyville WM labor

Cooper, Lindsay 397 Mt. Morrin WM repairman

Cooper, Walter 18002 WVirginia WM pipe fitter

Cooperman, James 220 Pittsburgh WM chemist

Cope, Kenneth 29438 Smock WM labor

Copeland, David 258 Buena Vista WM estimator

Copeland, Joseph 908 Greenock WM clerk

Copeland, Joseph 17152 Boston, Pa WM driver

Copeland, Robert 8123 McKeesport WM welder

Copper, Fredrick 384 England WM bricklayer

Copper, John 14043 McKeesport WM millwright

Copper, John P 30015 McKeesport WM tool/die oper

Copper, Joseph 14160 McKeesport WM tinner

Copper, William 8095 McKeesport WM grinder

Coppola, Daniel 16321 Chicago,Ill WM labor

Corbet, Ronald 21090 Hazen WM machinist

Corbett, George 19096 Ireland WM engineer

Corbett, James 13227 Jefferson Co WM labor

Corcoran, John 27032 McKeesport BM labor

Cordisco, Assunta 11373 Italy WF labor

Cordisco, Florentine 19144 Italy WM rigger

Cordone, Joseph 15035 Italy WM labor

Corey, Glenn 20195 McKeesport WM machinist

Corey, Orville 3081 McKeesport WM pipe fitter

Corey, Samuel 24066 Dravosburg WM foreman

Cornelius, George Altoona WM --------

Cornell, Charles 36051 McKeesport WM clerk

Cornell, Frank 38017 Versailles WM labor

Cornell, James 2216 Coulter WM chemist

Cornell, William 6150 Coulterville WM mach oper

Cornell, William 73 Coulter WM foreman

Cornman, James 33173 McKeesport WM foreman

Cornman, John 27120 Rimersburg WM crane oper

Corradini, Henry 31384 Industry WM labor

Correll, Clarence 38014 McKeesport WM foreman

Correll, Clarence P. 16269 ------- -- ----

Correll, Einer 28237 McKeesport WM scrap handler

Corridon, Edward 31826 Glassport WM labor

Corso, Vincent 19258 California WM t&p clerk

Cortes, Jerry 38052 Boston,Pa WM coup. screw.

Cortwight, Samuel 27011 Ohio WM repairman

Corwin, Edna 28216 Sudersville WF crane oper

Cosanella, Anthony 23005 McKeesport WM welder

Cosanella, Carmela 29150 Italy WM labor

Cosanella, Edward 33215 McKeesport WM labor

Cosanella, Salvadore 31122 McKeesport WM labor

Cossel, Helen 6187 Connellsville WF burner

Costa, Eric 19409 Italy WM bricklayer

Costa, Samuel 31469 Italy WM labor

Costantino, George 31319 Clairton WM labor

Costanzo, Angelo 29294 McKeesport WM

Costanzo, Ted 31045 Italy WM labor

Costar, Joseph 9065 WVirginia WM tractor oper

Costelichi, Mary Ann 33010 Bulger WF labor

Costello, Charles 27092 Somerset Co. WM crane oper

Costello, Clair 14194 Smithfield WM rack man

Costello, Jones 25120 Smithfield WM crane man

Costura, Charles 2086 Poland WM stopper maker

Cotter, Wesley 8246 Legimer WM tool keeper

Cottom, Ruth Frank WF labor

Cottone, John 29848 Rankin WM labor

Cottone, Joseph 31158 Rankin WM labor

Cottone, Mary 31920 Pittsburgh WF labor

Cottrell, James 31039 Braddock WM labor

Cottrell, Ray 12175 Pittsburgh WM labor

Couch, Betty 32037 California WF labor

Coughenour, Grover 6002 W. Newton WM labor

Coughlen, Thomas 19261 NYC WM bricklayer

Couglin, Bernice 819 McKeesport WF accounting

Coulter, Andrew 32702 McKeesport WM labor

Coulter, George 14080 McKeesport WM rack man

Coulter, John 20145 McKeesport WM machinist

Coulter, Leona 31670 Wilkensburg WF labor

Coulter, Steve 2014 McKeesport WM engineer

Coup, Edward 16185 McKeesport WM labor

Coup, Edward H 25007 McKeesport WM repairman

Coup, Harry 20122 McKeesport WM machinist

Coup, Raymond 20079 McKeesport WM machinist

Coutts, Neville 29196 England WM station oper

Coval, Raymond 879 McKeesport WM messenger

Cowan, Betty 28228 Pittsburgh WF crane oper

Cox, John 26242 Philly WM powerman

Coy, Alex 27097 McKeesport WM crane oper

Coy, Edwin 31577 McKeesport WM labor

Coyle, John 31095 Scottsdale WM labor

Coyne, Harry 27060 McKeesport WM crane oper

Cozad, Bernard 40267 McKeesport WM fireman

Craggs, Irma 32603 Baggley WF labor

Craig, Howard 5106 McKeesport WM rougher

Craig, Walter 31278 McKeesport WM labor

Cramer, Harvey 32955 Harrison City WM labor

Cramer, John 40385 Hunibert WM labor

Cramer, Julia 40280 Versailles WF labor

Cramer, Mabel 1013 Eliz WF compt. oper

Crammer, Emma 31943 Versailles WF labor

Crane, Harvey 12172 Cressau WM craneman

Craven, Edward 18120 Dravosburg WM rigger

Craven, George 13046 Dunbar WM electric

Craven, Rebecca 31866 Alabama BF labor

Craven, Robert 16318 Scottsdale WM labor

Crawford, Donald 32912 Green Co. WM labor

Crawford, Edward 20 McKeesport WM clerk

Crawford, James 31079 Lujume Twp WM labor

Crawford, Jean 32783 Monesseu WF labor

Crawford, Jess 32795 Green Co. WM labor

Crawford, Lawrence 19112 McKeesport WM 2nd eng

Crawford, Leroy 158 Ohio WM special guard

Crawford, Mary 31755 Barton,OH WF labor

Crawford, Robert 31288 Footdale WM labor

Crawford, William 32796 WVirginia WM labor

Crawley, Fred 28316 McKeesport BM labor

Crawley, Gene 31629 Monesseu BM labor

Crawley, Leo 2214 Pittsburgh WM stud. eng

Cready, Arthur 15259 McKeesport WM t&p clerk

Cready, Walter 15067 McKeesport WM inspector

Cree, William 31634 Waynesburg WM labor

Creel. Alma 40040 Greenock WF labor

Creek, Carl 31064 Maryland WM labor

Creighton, Harry 19370 Murrayville WM bricklayer

Creighton, William 25188 McKeesport WM wireman

Creighton, William S. 3 Ingram WM auditor

Cremo, Jack 40381 McKeesport WM labor

Criscito, Carmalene 12326 New Castle WF labor

Criscito, Frank 1166 Italy WM 1st helper

Crist, John 4025 Czecho WM bottommaker

Criswell, Sara 32252 New Eagle WF labor

Critchfield, Edgar 20205 Homestead WM machinist

Critchfield, William 40071 Rillton WM duroline help

Crncic, Anthony 12282 McKeesport WM labor

Crnkovic, Rade 1007 Yugo WM foreman

Crnkovich, Milan McKeesport WM labor

Crockett, Elsie 978 Dunburg WF key punch oper

Crockett, Inez 32158 Mt. Weigs BF labor

Croft, Frank 15100 Versailles WM labor

Cromie, Russell 25108 Pittsburgh WM crane oper

Crookham, Alice 31523 McKeesport WF labor

Crosby, Eugene 40133 Scottdale WM form joint help

Crosby, Frank 21078 McKeesport WM machinist

Crosby, William 21058 Penna WM machinist

Cross, Horace Michigan WM clerk

Crossan, George 14068 McKeesport WM welder

Crossen, Joseph 27050 McKeesport WM repairman

Crossen, Sarah 107 McKeesport WF nurse

Crossland, Fred 18059 Port Vue WM repairman

Crossland, Roger 9128 Port Vue WM b&o operator

Crouch, Charles 8141 Port Vue WM reheater

Crouch, Donald 17223 McKeesport WM student eng

Crouch, Floyd 217 Franklin WM metallurgist

Crouch, Glenn 13146 Port Vue WM labor

Crouch, John 14168 Port Vue WM roll setter

Crouch, Margaret 25173 McKeesport WF crane op

Crouch, Roy 12483 Port Vue WM tool die oper

Crusko, Robert 26194 Stoneboro WM elec. help

Crovak, Pearl 32632 Monongahela WF lab

Crowl, Robert 7024 WVa WM furnace record.

Cruciger, James 242 Pittsburgh WM metallurgist

Crum, Edward 26126 McKeesport WM clerk

Crum, Helen Kelleytown WF labor

Crumrine, Virginia 33084 WVa WF labor

Cserepanga, Laslo 9101 Czecho WM loader

Csernes, Vincent 29075 Austria WM labor

Csinasar, Mary 12244 Hawkins WF labor

Csobbor, Albert 38274 Hungary WM ---

Cubra, Mike 30149 Yugo WM labor

Cubranich, Dominick 25075 Austria WM millwright

Cubranich, Robert 30035 Yugo WM rigger

Cubranick, Donald 32512 Pittsburgh WM labor

Cullen, Irene 32392 Charleroi WF labor

Cullen, James 32810 Tower Hill WM labor

Cullinan, Patrick 19098 Ireland WM 2nd eng

Culp, Alma 12255 Duquesne WF pipe counter

Culver, Lawrence 16104 Alabama BM labor

Cumberbridge, Margaret 33038 Rogerville WF labor

Cumer, Frank 32374 Oakdale WM labor

Cumpson, John 11315 W. Newton WM clerk

Cunning, Carl 3109 New Castle WM labor

Cunningham, Charles 29201 Eliz WM labor

Cunningham, Charles 11643 Connellsville WM labor

Cunningham, John 16349 Dravosburg WM labor

Cunningham, John 27246 Vesta WM crane oper

Cunningham, Lucetta 11086 Sewickley WF labor

Cunningham, Norman 13032 McKeesport WM pulpit oper

Cuowall, Joseph Penna -- ----

Cupchich, Andrew 2325 Eliz WM labor

Cupp, Charles 16240 -- -- --

Curcio, Basil 38189 Italy WM machine hand

Curcio, Frank 5168 Versailles WM labor

Curdie, Wilma 33130 Meadowland WF labor

Cureton, William 28255 S. Caro BM handler

Curley, Paul 27401 Verona WM millwright

Curran, James 6071 Pittsburgh WM pickler

Curran, James 6007 McKeesport WM clerk

Currence, Elmer 18189 WVa WM rigger

Currie, Arthur 3117 N.Caro BM labor

Curry, Frank 538 Clearfield Co. WM miller roller

Curry, Wellington 17214 Curry Run WM mach. oper

Cushey, Ethel 32779 Hackett WF labor

Cusick, Daniel 25065 McKeesport WM millwright

Cusick, Doris 32323 WVa WF labor

Cusick, Joseph 22045 McKeesport WM craneman

Cusick, Paul 26172 McKeesport WM wireman

Cuterello, Nick 31363 Fayette City WM labor

Cuturilo, Eli 8125 Yugo WM heater help

Cvejkus, Helen 9060 Czecho WM labor

Cvejkus, Mary 29823 Czecho WF wall washer

Cvejkus, Steve 1118 Czecho WM larry man

Cverna, Kathryn 29885 Pittsburgh WF labor

Cygan, John 33401 Poland WM labor

Cynkar, Steny 2038 Poland WM bottom maker

Cyonos, Anna 12268 Duquesne WF pipe counter

Cyprich, Stanley 22040 Poland WM blacksmith

Cyprych, Francis 29882 Pittsburgh WM labor

Cyrus, Carrie 31875 Georgia BF labor

Czajkowski, Adam 31006 Everson WM labor

Czapik, Andros 28096 Austria WM labor

Czarnecki, Frank 34478 Glassport WM labor

Czarnecki, Isabelle 9050 Glassport WF labor

Czerniak, Margaret 10099 Mt. Pleasant WF assembly

Czerniak, Paul 29436 Mt. Pleasant WM labor

Czura, Joseph 17162 McKeesport WM janitor