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USX National Defense Program Identification Card Listings
1940's series

Source: UE/Labor 91:6, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh.


Card TN
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Example:  Masko, George (last/first name) 14188 (check number) Czechoslavakia (birth place) WM (race/gender code = white/male) laborer (position applied for)

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Uchelvich, Mary Agnes 40362 Sunnyside WF labor
Uhal, Laura Rose 32104 Derby, Conn WF labor
Uher, Mike 30435 Czech WM stock labor
Uhren, Michael John 31652 Duquesne WM labor
Uhrich, George Jacob 12198 Versailles Twp WM labor
Uhrich, Henry Franklin 9040 Allegheny Co. WM labor
Uhrin, George William 19339 Mt. Pleasant WM bricklayer
Uiselt, Maida Louise 17325 Cuyohoga Falls, OH WF spark tester
Ulewicz, Andrew 7068 Russia WM heater
Ulm, Henry Charles 5010 McKeesport WM rougher
Ulm, Margaret Audrey 20258 McKeesport WF sweeper
Ulmer, Will 16121 McKeesport -- labor
Ulrich, Ethel Mae s709 Frank WF clerk
Underkoffler, Floyd Austin 29958 Wirton, WV WM ashman
Underwood, Clarence Jefferson 27292 Wynewood, OK WM crane op
Unverzagt, Walter Eberle s246 Pittsburgh WM metallographer
Upchurch, William Alvin 13577 Monicello, KY WM labor
Uram, Harry Henry 18217 Manifold WM pipe fit help
Urasik, Stanley 30051 Cannonsburg WM stock labor
Urban, Freda 32482 Cannonsburg WF labor
Urban, Helen 12389 Duquesne WF pipe counter
Urban, Robert Charles 16150 Elizabeth WM labor
Urbaniak, Helen J. 9019 McKeesport WF grinder
Urbaniak, Josef 10104 Poland WM pipe painter
Urbanovic, Mike 19075 Yugo WM fireman
Urbansky, Rodela M. 17078 McKeesport WF tally ship adder
Urbansky, Robert Walter 29161 McKeesport WM labor
Uriny, Harvey Glenn 29712 Swissvale WM labor
Ursta, John ?064 Austria WM ck & limestone unload