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Carpenters Local 142


Minute Entry for the First Meeting of Local 142 on February 6th, 1886
(page 14 of union minute book on microfilm at the Archives)

Informal meeting of Carpenters held [at] Labor Herald office with a view to organize a Local union of Carpenters in Pgh.  Called to order by J.C. Hutchison.  Harry Ingram elected President Protem J.C. Hutchison Rec Sec Protem the object of meeting being stated by the President the appeal and Part of Constitution referring to Election of officers was then re[a]d by the secret[ary].  Remarks called for and responded to by D. Crawford, R.J. Toppin, J.L Wood, J.L. Redic, H. Ingram, R. H. Bocking and Lindenfelser.  Application for Charter was then presented and all present that desired to become Charter Members was [were] then requested to sign.  Following names wer[e] then submitted J.C. Hutchison, J.L. Redic, W.A Lindsay, R.J. Toppin, J.R. Cubbage, D. Crawford, S. Lindenfelser, S.M. Thompson, F.P. Bachman, R.N. Bocking, G.B. Zahniser, J. Hisch, H. Smith, F.D. Booth, Har. Ingram, H. Redic, E.A. Smith, P.W. Maratta.  On motion  D. Crawford was appointed committee of one to have inserted in Dispatch on Thursday and Saturday and in times and Penny  Press Friday announcement of a meeting of Carpenters to be held in Knights of Labor Hall Saturday Eve Feb 13th at 7 1/2 o'clock P.M.
Committee on Reception.  J.L. Wood motion to close application for Charter (carried).  Adjourned to meet at Knights of Labor Hall Saturday Eve Feb 13th, 1886.  Rec[e]ipts of Eve $6.25.  J.C. Hutchison.  R. S.
Read and approved.


"List of Members of Union 142 of Pgh."
(Charter Members of Carpenters Local 142 - 1886)
(page 4 of union minute book on microfilm at the Archives)

J. C. Hutchison
J. L. Redic
W. A. Lindsey
R. J. Toppin
J. R. Cubbage
D. Crawford
S. Lindenfelser
S. M. Thompson
F. P. Bachman
R. H. Bocking
G. B. Zahniser
Jos. Hisch
Henry Smith
F. D. Booth
Hariz Redic
E. A. Smith
P. W. Marratta
Harry Ingram
J. L Wood

Databank Entry for Local 142 -- Chartered February 13, 1886