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Carpenters District Council

"Extracted from Record of First Meeting July 12 [1887]"

"Meeting was called to order by J. D. Hughes as temporary Chairman the object of the meeting being to organize perman[en]tly so the Chairman declared nomination open for secretary. John P. Wagner and J.E. Jones being the candidates. The ballot was taken Wagner receiving 9 votes and Jones 4. Wagner declared duly elected and was ordered to preside. J. D. Hughes and C. F. Knight being then nominated for President the ballot was then taken Hughes receiving 10 votes and Knight 2 votes. Hughes was declared duly elected and Presided. The C. F. Knight was nominated for Vice-President . [nomination and election of Robert Adams as Treasurer and William Patten as Warden]. On motion the President appointed a committee of 3 to form a constitution. John P. Wagner, C.F. Knight, and J.E. Jones being the Committee to report at next meeting. At roll call there were reported 3 delegates from 142; 2 from 164; 2 from 165; 2 from 177; 2 from 180; 2 from 211; 2 from 230; 2 from 237. The Secretary was then ordered to request Union 185 of Sharpsburg, 246 of Beaver Falls, and 288 of Homestead to send 2 delegates each to our next meeting. The Secretary was then given the names of all delegates. On motion it was ordered that each local union represented send $1.00 to defray expenses of the Council. So ordered. Also that each Delegate deposit his credentials with the secretary and to meet again.."

(From microfilms in the possession of the Archives Service Center, based on original minutes lent by the Carpenters' District Council of Western Pa. and in their possession)

Note: From subsequent entries it appears that the meetings were initially held at Union Hall, Liberty
Street, Pittsburgh.  Perhaps it may be inferred that this organizing meeting was held there as well?