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in Western Pennsylvania
based on "Organizer's Report of New Lodge"

Source: Organizer's Report of New Lodge in files of United Steel Workers of America, Pittsburgh, PA.
Copies in UE/Labor Archives, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh.


Arrange by Date, Local No., Company, Location, Organizer

Company Local No. Location Date Organizers View Charters
A. Deitch Company 2707 New Kensington, PA 16-Jun-42 Petrak, Mike  
A.M. Byers Co. 1019 Pittsburgh, PA (S. Side) 12-Sep-36 Wood, Manuel  
A.M. Byers Co. 1268 Ambridge, PA 19-Feb-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Acheson Mfg. Company 1493 Rankin, PA 30-Mar-37 Vales, Abe  
Aero-Supply Mfg. Co. 2787 Corry, PA 27-Aug-42 Carey, Thomas W.  
Aetna Standard Engineering Co. 1605 Ellwood City, PA   Majors, T. Louis  
Air Tool Parts Service Company 2596 Pittsburgh, PA 7-Jan-42 Danko, John C.  
Ajax and Iron Works 2788 Corry, PA 26-Aug-42 Carey, Thomas W.  
Aliquippa & Southern Railroad 2050 Aliquippa, PA 12-Oct-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation 2984 Brackenridge, PA 16-Mar-43 Haser, John F.  
Allegheny Machine & Tool Company, Inc. 2870 Pittsburgh, PA 16-Dec-42 Danko, John C.  
Allegheny Steel Co. 1138 West Leechburg, PA 19-Feb-36 Atallah, Albert yes
Allegheny Steel Co. 1196 Brackenridge, PA 26-Jan-37 Clowes, Philip J. yes
Aluminum Corp. of America 3027 Canonsburg, PA 20-Jun-43 Malone, James A.  
American Brake Shoe Co. 1285 Pittsburgh, PA 8-Mar-37 Dutchman, John A.  
American BrakeShoe & Foundry Co. 1814 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 1-Jun-37 Dutchman, John A.  
American Bridge Co. 1270 Ambridge, PA 27-Feb-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
American Bridge Co. 1579 Pittsburgh, PA 22-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
American Bridge Company 1593 Pittsburgh, PA 24-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
American Can Company 1283 New Castle, PA 06-Mar-37 Majors, T. Louis  
American Car & Foundry Co. 1928 Milton, PA 23-Jun-37 Anthony, Chas. J.  
American Chain & Cable 1589 Braddock, PA 21-Apr-37 Dwardetto, Oscar yes
American Locomotive, Steel Spring and Railway Co. 1551 Latrobe, PA 18-Apr-37 Tormayko, Louis yes
American Metal Company, Ltd. 2205 Pittsburgh, PA 21-May-40 Vales, Abe  
American Nut and Bolt Fastener Company 1734 Pittsburgh, PA 14-May-37 Dutchman, John A.  
American Rolling Mill Company 1644 Butler, PA 27-Apr-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
American Ship Steel Company 2465 New Kensington, PA 19-Jun-41 Feeney, James B.  
American Smelting & Refining Co. 1154 Pittsburgh, PA 1-Jan-37 Dutchman, John A.  
American Spiral Spring & Mfg. Company 1717 Pittsburgh, PA 11-May-37 Dutchman, John A.  
American Steel & Foundry Co. 1908 McKees Rocks, PA 21-Jun-37 Tafelski, John  
American Steel & Wire Co. 1198 Donora, PA 26-Jan-37 Mayo, John L.  
American Steel & Wire Co. 1757 Donora, PA 13-May-37 McGarry, John J.  
American Steel & Wire Co. 1758 Donora, PA 14-May-37 McGarry, John J.  
American Steel & Wire Co. 1760 Donora, PA 15-May-37 McGarry, John J.  
American Steel & Wire Co. and Carrie Furnace-Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. 1253 Rankin, PA 22-Feb-37 Vales, Abe  
American Steel & Wire Company 3030 Donora, PA 23-Jun-43 Tornayko, John F.  
American Steel Band Company 1049 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 11-Oct-36 Dutchman, John A.  
American Steel Corp. 2262 Ellwood City, PA 14-Oct-40 Carey, Thomas W.  
American Steel Foundry 1156 Pittsburgh, PA (Lawrenceville) 9-Jan-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Apollo Steel Company 206 Apollo, PA 29-Feb-36 Fasser, Paul J. yes
Babcock & Wilcox Tube Co. 1082 West Mayfield, PA 22-Nov-36 Timko, Jos. J.  
Beaver Enameling Company 2187 Ellwood City, PA 12-Mar-40 Buchanon, W. F.  
Belmont Iron Works 1390 Eddystone, PA 20-Mar-37 Childs, Bernard  
Berwind White Coal Mining Co. 2710 Hollidaysburg, PA 20-Jun-42 Maurice, Eugene  
Bethlehem Steel Co. 1074 Johnstown, PA 15-Nov-36 Watkins, David  
Bethlehem Steel Company 1494 Rankin, PA 31-Mar-37 Vales, Abe yes
Bethlehem Steel Company 1688 Steelton, PA 5-May-37 Sweeney, M.M. and Garfield Lewis  
Bethlehem Steel Company 2632 Johnstown, PA 9-Feb-42 ??  
Bethlehem Steel Company 2633 Johnstown, PA 9-Feb-42 ??  
Bethlehem Steel Company 2634 Johnstown, PA 9-Feb-42 ??  
Bethlehem Steel Company 2635 Johnstown, PA 9-Feb-42 ??  
Bethlehem Steel Company 2644 Johnstown, PA 16-Feb-42 ??  
Bethlehem Steel Company 2866 Johnstown, PA 17-Dec-42 Maurice, Eugene  
Bethlehem Steel Company 3288 Johnstown, PA 15-May-44 Neany, Michael J.  
Bethlehem Steel Corporation 1383 Leetsdale, PA 17-Mar-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Blair Strip Steel Co. 1214 New Castle, PA 26-Jan-37 Majors, T. Louis  
Blaw Knox Co. 1243 Blaw Knox, PA 13-Feb-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Blaw Knox Co. 2826 Blawnox, PA 28-Sep-42 Bittner, Henry E.  
Braeburn Steel Company 1084 Braeburn, PA 20-Nov-36 Clowes, Philip J.  
Brooklyn Hospital Equipment Company 2791 Johnstown, PA 3-Sep-42 Maurice, Eugene  
Bucyrus Erie Company 1794 Erie, PA 22-May-37 Nunes, Paul L.  
Burgess Mfg. Company Inc. 2145 Beaver Falls, PA 1-Aug-39 Bittner, Alfred & Albert Marsh  
Burgess Mfg. Company Inc. 2145 Beaver Falls, PA 1-Aug-39 Marsh, Albert J. & Albert Bittner  
Bury Compressor Company 3147 Erie, PA 10-Nov-43 Graney, John H.  
C.W. Anderson Machine Co. 2780 Scottdale, PA 4-Aug-42 Ferrari, Andrew G.  
Calorizing Company 2010 Pittsburgh, PA 17-Aug-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Canonsburg Steel & Iron Works 2822 Canonsburg, PA 3-Oct-42 Brady, William  
Carnegie Illinois Bldg. 2897 Pittsburgh, PA 25-Jan-43 Forsythe, Ford  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Co. 1346 Vandergrift, PA 15-Mar-37 Atallah, Albert  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Co. 1430 Farrell, PA 26-Mar-37 Mayer, John S.  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Co. Lorain Plant 1288 Johnstown, PA 7-Mar-37 Watkins, David  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Company 1495 McKeesport, PA 4-Apr-37 Grecula, John yes
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. 3018 Clairton, PA 2-Jun-43 Mullen, John J.  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. 3063 Homestead, PA 10-Aug-43 Thomas, James J.  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. 3065 Clairton, PA 10-Aug-43 Thomas, James J.  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. Duquesne 1256 Duquesne, PA 2-Feb-37 Grecula, John  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation 1397 Homestead, PA 26-Mar-37 Vales, Abe yes
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation 2466 Duquesne, PA 23-Jun-41 Maloy, Elmer J.  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation 3040 Braddock, PA 10-Jul-43 Thomas, James J.  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation 3051 Farrell, PA 27-Jul-43 DeMay, Ray  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation 3282 Johnstown, PA 25-Apr-44 Baxendell, Harry C.  
Carnegie Illinois Steel Works 3078 Homestead, PA 20-Aug-43 Thomas, James J.  
Carnegie Steel Wheel Company 1924 McKees Rocks, PA 28-Jun-37 Tafelski, John  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Co. 1188 Monessen, PA 22-Jan-37 Mayo, John L.  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Co. Shenango Works 1215 New Castle, PA 30-Jan-37 Majors, T. Louis  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. 2227 Dravosburg, PA 5-Feb-40 Mackay, W. D.  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. 2725 Cannonsburg, PA 11-Jul-42 Tornayko, Louis  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. 2726 Farrell, PA 13-Jul-42 DeMay, Ray  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. 1219 Braddock, PA 5-Feb-37 Vales, Abe yes
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. (Isabella Furnaces) 1308 Etna, PA 8-Mar-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp. New Castle Works 1216 New Castle, PA 30-Jan-37 Majors, T. Louis  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation 2344 Braddock, PA 4-Mar-41 Malone, James A.  
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation 3106 Farrell, PA 29-Sep-43 DeMay, Ray  
Cavert Wire Company 1366 Ellwood City, PA 14-Mar-37 Majors, T. Louis  
Cemline Corporation 2389 Cheswick, PA 31-Mar-41 Clowes, Philip J.  
Central Tube Company 1868 Ambridge, PA 1-Jun-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Century Plant of the National Radiator Co. 2367 Johnstown, PA 23-Mar-41 Maloy, Elmer J.  
Champion Deavnent Co. 1905 Meadville, PA 14-May-37 Phillips, Benjamin  
Chaplin Fulton Company 2813 Pittsburgh, PA 1-Sep-42 Forsythe, Ford  
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company 2706 Franklin, PA 2-Jun-42 Phillips, Benjamin  
Clairton Works of the Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp. 1557 Clairton, PA 20-Apr-37 Mullen, John J.  
Coated Products 2990 Verona, PA 19-Apr-43 Feeney, James B.  
Colonial Mfg Co. of Pgh. Screw & Bolt Co. 1137 Monaca, PA 28-Dec-36 Timko, Jos. J.  
Colonial Steel Co. 1261 Monaca, PA 20-Feb-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Columbia Radiator 3132 Versailles Township, PA 3-Nov-43 Sullivan, John R.  
Columbia Steel & Shafting Co. 1070 Carnegie, PA 8-Nov-36 Ruttenberg, Harold J.  
Concrete Product & Co. of America 1532 Neville Island, PA 15-Apr-37 Tafelski, John  
Conemaugh & Blacklick Railroad 2734 Bethlehem Steel Company 23-Jul-42 Neany, Michael J.  
Conemaugh & Blacklick Railroad 3176 Johnstown, PA 3-Jan-44 Maurice, Eugene  
Connellsville Mfg. & Mine Supply Co. 1525 Connellsville, PA 14-Apr-37 Tormayko, Louis  
Construction Workers 2786 PA 12-Aug-42 Hough, Bent  
Cooper-Bessemer Engineering Co. 1153 Grove City, PA 9-Jan-37 Irwin, Clarence  
Copperweld Steel Company 1407 Glassport, PA 21-Mar-37 Grecula, John  
Coshocton Iron Works 210 Monongahela, PA 27-Jul-36 Mayo, John L.  
Crucible Steel Company Works 1802 McKees Rocks, PA 27-May-37 Marsh, Albert J.  
Crucible Steel Company, LaBelle Plant 1291 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 19-Mar-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Crucible Steel Company, Park Works 1276 Pittsburgh, PA 4-Mar-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Curtis & Wright Corporation 2170 Neville Island, PA 3-Dec-39 Tafelski, John  
Curtis & Wright Corporation 2585 Neville Island, PA 6-Dec-41 Conley, Joseph  
Daniels and Miller 1769 Greensburg, PA 20-May-37 Clowes, Philip J. yes
Davis Brake Beam Co. 2733 Johnstown, PA 16-Jul-42 Maurice, Eugene  
Diamond Steel Company 2512 Bridgeville, PA 28-Aug-41 Martin, A.B.  
Dravo Corporation 1850 Neville Island, PA 9-Jun-37 Marsh, Albert J.  
Duer Spring Company 1504 McKees Rocks, PA 8-Apr-37 Tafelski, John  
Duff-Norton Mfg. Company 1811 Pittsburgh, PA 29-May-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Duquesne Plant Protection Dept. 3033 Duquesne, PA 30-Jun-43 Grieser, William  
Duquesne Steel Foundry Co. 1904 Coraopolis, PA 19-Jun-37 Tafelski, John  
Duraloy Company 2810 Scottdale, PA 29-Sep-42 Ferrari, Andrew G.  
Edgewater Steel Company 1246 Oakmont, PA 15-Feb-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Edwin Bell Company 2359 Pittsburgh, PA 19-Mar-41 Burke, Frank  
Electroweld Steel 2989 Oil City, PA 27-Apr-43 Atwell, Ross  
Elliot Co. Office and Clerical Workers 2380 Jeannette, PA 21-Mar-41 Clowes, Philip J.  
Elliott Co. 1898 Ridgeway, PA 12-Jun-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Elliott Co. 3154 Jeannette, PA 11-Sep-43 Ferrari, Andrew G.  
Elliott Manufacturing Co. 1145 Jeannette, PA 4-Jan-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Elliott Steel Co. 1316 New Castle, PA 8-Mar-37 Majors, T. Louis yes
Ellwood City Forge Company 1738 Ellwood City, PA 8-May-37 Majors, T. Louis yes
Ellwood City Products Company 2801 Ellwood City, PA 14-Sep-42 Phillips, Benjamin  
Ellwood Company 2683 Ellwood, PA 16-May-42 Carey, Thomas W.  
Ellwood Steel Corp. 1213 Ellwood City, PA 20-Jan-37 Majors, T. Louis  
Enameled Metals Co. 1266 Etna, PA 21-Feb-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Enson Manufacturing Co. 2142 Neville Island, PA 2-Jul-39 Tafelski, John  
Erie Art Metal Company 1793 Erie, PA 22-May-37 Nunes, Paul L. yes
Erie Bolt & Nut Company 3198 Erie, PA 23-Jan-44 Graney, John H. and Louis G. Hicks  
Erie Bolt & Nut Company 3198 Erie, PA 23-Jan-44 Hicks, Louis G. and John H. Graney  
Erie City Iron Works 3199 Erie, PA 21-Jan-44 Graney, John H. and Louis G. Hicks  
Erie City Iron Works 3199 Erie, PA 21-Jan-44 Hicks, Louis G. and John H. Graney  
Erie Enameling Company 1680 Erie, PA 28-Apr-37 Nunes, Paul L. yes
Erie Engine and Manufacturing Company 3084 Erie, PA 26-Aug-43 Graney, John H.  
Erie Forge and Steel Company 1573 Erie, PA 19-Apr-37 Nunes, Paul L. yes
Erie Forge and Steel Company 3186 Erie, PA 14-Jan-44 Nunes, Paul L.  
Erie Forge Company 1476 Erie, PA 3-Apr-37 Long, Earle  
Etna Forge & Rivet Co. 1402 Etna, PA 17-Mar-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Federal Enamel & Stamping Co. 1578 McKees Rocks, PA 21-Apr-37 Tafelski, John  
Fessler Machine Company 2961 Sharon, PA 31-Mar-43 Ellis, Thomas  
Firth Sterling Company 1000 McKeesport, PA 18-Aug-36 Sullivan, John R. yes
Fort Pitt Foundry Steel Company 1406 McKeesport, PA 21-Mar-37 Grecula, John yes
Fort Pitt Mallable Iron Co. 1703 McKees Rocks, PA 8-May-37 Tafelski, John  
Fort Pitt Spring Co 1648 McKees Rocks, PA 30-Apr-37 Tafelski, John  
Franklin Steel Co. 2229 Franklin, PA 18-Jul-40 Murray, John H.  
Gem Mfg. Company 1815 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 1-Jun-37 Dutchman, John A.  
General American Transportation Company 2318 Petroleum, OH 31-Jan-41 Murray, John F.  
Guibert Steel Co. 1665 Pittsburgh, PA 4-May-37 Tafelski, John  
H&H Foundry & Machine Company 2031 Manor, PA 23-Aug-37 Murray, John H.  
H.H. Robertson Company 1463 Ambridge, PA 20-Mar-37 Timko, Jos. J. yes
H.K. Porter Company 1592 Pittsburgh, PA 23-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
H.K. Porter Company 2462 Pittsburgh, PA 16-Jun-41 O'Hara, Joseph  
Hanlon Gregory Galvanizing Co. 1470 Pittsburgh, PA 5-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Hayes Manufacturing Company 1792 Erie, PA 22-May-37 Nunes, Paul L.  
Hempfield Foundry 1982 Greensburg, PA 20-Jul-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Heppenstall Company 1601 Pittsburgh, PA 26-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Hillman Standard Car Company 1415 Butler, PA 11-Mar-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Hockensmith Wheel & Mine Car Co. 1121 Penn, PA 17-Dec-36 Clowes, Philip J. yes
Homestead Valve Company 1351 Coraopolis, PA 12-Mar-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Hubbard & Company 211 Pittsburgh, PA 30-Jul-36 Chatock, Smouile  
Hunter Steel Company (formerly Independent Bridge Co.) 1250 Neville Island, PA 18-Feb-36 Ruttenberg, Harold yes
Hydrill Corporation 2755 Rochester, PA 31-Jul-42 Marsh, Albert J.  
Ingraham Richardson Mfg. Co. 1112 Beaver Falls, PA 6-Dec-36 Timko, Jos. J.  
Iron City Tool Works, Ltd. 1539 Pittsburgh, PA 17-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Irwin Foundry and Mine Car Co. 1991 Irwin, PA 26-Jul-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Irwin Foundry and Mine Car Co. 2452 Shafton, PA 10-May-41 Ferrari, Andrew G.  
J.A. Zurns Mfg. Co. 1426 Erie, PA 24-Mar-37 Long, Earle  
Jeannette Steel Corp. 1227 Jeannette, PA 04-Feb-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Jessop Steel Co. 1141 Washington, PA 5-Jan-36 Mayo, John L.  
John Dunlap Company 2096 Carnegie, PA 27-Apr-38 Tafelski, John  
John F. Casey Company 3213 Aspinwall, PA 27-Jan-44 Bittner, Henry E.  
John F. Scott Company 1507 Homestead, PA 11-Apr-37 Vales, Abe  
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. 1211 Aliquippa, PA 3-Feb-37 Timko, Jos. J. yes 
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. 1272 Pittsburgh, PA (S. Side) 28-Feb-37 Hanaway, F.P. yes 
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. 1535 Pittsburgh, PA 15-Apr-37 Mullen, John J.  
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. 1843 Hazelwood, Pgh. PA 8-Jun-37 Fagan, Gerald yes
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. 2587 Port Vue, PA 1-Dec-41 Grecula, John  
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. 3150 Pittsburgh, PA (S. Side) 27-Oct-43 Burke, Frank  
Jones Engineering Company 3032 Ellwood City, PA 24-Jun-43 Phillips, Benjamin  
Joseph T. Ryerson & Son Inc. 3293 Carnegie, PA 16-May-44 Burke, Thomas J. (Jr.)  
Kerotest Mfg. Company 1553 Pittsburgh, PA 19-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Keystone Driller Co. 1203 Beaver Falls, PA 24-Jan-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Keystone Drum Company 3122 Charleroi, PA 9-Oct-43 Tornayko, Louis  
Keystone Pipe & Supply Co. 2384 Butler, PA 31-Mar-41 Clowes, Philip J.  
Kidd Drawn Steel Company 2543 Aliquippa, PA 28-Sep-41 Timko, Jos. J.  
Latrobe Die & Casting Co. 1704 Latrobe, PA 8-May-37 Ferrari, Andrew G. yes
Latrobe Electric Steel Co. 1537 Latrobe, PA 15-Apr-37 Ferrari, Andrew G.  
Latrobe Foundry & Machine Supply Co. 1810 Latrobe, PA 26-May-37 Quinn, Paul J.  
Latrobe Tool Co. 1837 Latrobe, PA 1-Jun-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Lawson Manufacturing Company 2117 Pittsburgh, PA 28-Nov-38 Mullinger, Moris  
Lee C. Moore Company 2372 Neville Island, PA 22-Mar-41 Dutchman, John A.  
Lee Norse Co. 2658 Charleroi, PA 2-Apr-42 Luce, Leonard  
Lewis Foundry & Machine, Co. 2124 Coraopolis, PA 28-Jan-39 Tafelski, John  
Lockhart Iron & Steel Company 2746 McKees Rocks, PA 2-Aug-42 Martin, A.B.  
Mackintosh-Hemphill Co. 1269 Midland, PA 26-Feb-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Malleable Iron Company 2581 Erie, PA 30-Mar-41 Nunes, Paul L.  
Manion Steel Barrel Co. 2574 Rouseville, PA 24-Sep-41 Phillips, Benjamin  
Mathew Conveyor Company 2263 Ellwood City, PA 29-Aug-40 Carey, Thomas W.  
McConway & Torley Corporation 1531 Pittsburgh, PA 15-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
McDowell Mfg. Company 2736 Millvale, PA 17-Jul-42 Danko, John C.  
McInnes Steel Co. 2848 Corry, PA 1-Nov-42 Carey, Thomas W.  
McIntosh Hemphill Co. 1886 Pittsburgh, PA (S. Side) 16-Jun-37 Medrick, Geo  
McKay Steel & Iron Chains & Metal Furniture Co. 1591 McKees Rocks, PA 23-Apr-37 Tafelski, John  
McKeesport Connecting Railroad Company 2653 McKeesport, PA 12-Mar-42 Grecula, John yes
McKeesport Tin Plate Co. 1237 McKeesport, PA 7-Feb-37 Grecula, John yes
McKinney Manufacturing Company 1524 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 14-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Meadville Malleable Foundry Co. 1917 Meadville, PA 15-Jun-37 Phillips, Benjamin  
Mercer Tube Co. 1016 Sharon, PA 6-Sep-36 Irwin, Clarence  
Mesta Machine Co. 1218 West Homestead, PA 04-Feb-37 Vales, Abe  
Mid-West Abrasive Co. 2292 Rochester, PA 19-Dec-40 Hodge, Earl - Jos. J. Timko  
Moltrup Steel Products Co. 1202 Beaver Falls, PA 23-Jan-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Molybdenum Steel Corporation 1036 Washington, PA 27-Sep-36 Mayo, John L.  
Monessen Foundry & Machine Co. 1088 Monessen, PA 27-Nov-36 Mayo, John L.  
Monongahela Connecting Railroad Co. 2203 Pittsburgh, PA Jul-40 Burke, Frank  
Monongahela Connecting Railroad Co. 2495 Pittsburgh, PA 2-Sep-41 Burke, Frank  
National Alloy Steel Company 2303 Blawnox, PA 26-Jan-41 Hart, William J.  
National Appealing Box Co. 2617 Washington, PA 5-Feb-42 McGarry, John J.  
National Bearing Metals 1348 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 16-Mar-37 Dutchman, John A.  
National Erie Company 1609 Erie, PA 25-Apr-37 Nunes, Paul L. yes
National Forge & Ordnance Company 3201 Irvine, PA 31-Jan-44 Jenkins, Lou  
National Malleable & Steel Castings 1477 Sharon, PA 4-Apr-37 Orwin, Clarence  
National Radiator Corp. 1234 Johnstown, PA 11-Feb-37 Watkins, David  
National Radiator Corp. 1284 New Castle, PA 7-Mar-37 Majors, T. Louis yes
National Roll and Foundry Co. 1189 Avonmore, PA 22-Jan-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
National Supply Co. 1777 Carnegie, PA 21-May-37 Tafelski, John  
National Supply Co. 2592 Etna, PA 21-Nov-41 Pinkerton, George L.  
National Supply Co. 2855 Etna, PA May-42 Bittner, Henry E.  
National Tube Co. 2289 Ellwood City, PA 15-Dec-40 Carey, Thomas W.  
National Tube Co. Ellwood Works 1220 Ellwood City, PA 6-Feb-37    
National Tube Company 1408 McKeesport, PA 21-Mar-37 Grecula, John yes
National Tube Company 1514 McKeesport, PA 11-Apr-37 Grecula, John yes
National Tube Company 1520 McKeesport, PA 11-Apr-37 Grecula, John yes
National Tube Company 2316 McKeesport, PA 11-Feb-41 Grecula, John yes
National Tube Company 3074 McKeesport, PA 17-Aug-43 Grecula, John yes
National Tube Company 3094 McKeesport, PA 10-Sep-43 Sullivan, John R. yes
National Valve & Mfg. Company 1747 Pittsburgh, PA 18-May-37 Dutchman, John A.  
North Bessemer and Lake Erie Railway Shop 2933 Bessemer (North) 22-Feb-43 Linty, John  
O. Hommel Co. 3246 Carnegie, PA 13-Mar-44 Burke, Thomas J. (Jr.)  
Odin Stove Mfg. Co. 2385 Erie, PA 30-Mar-41 Nunes, Paul L.  
Office and Clerical Workers 2984 Brackenridge, PA 22-Apr-43 Feeney, James B.  
Office and Clerical Workers of Robertshaw 2169 Youngwood, PA 30-Nov-01 Clowes, Philip J.  
Oil Well Supply Co. 2016 Oil City, PA 19-Aug-37 Phillips, Benjamin  
Oil Well Supply Co. 2773 Oil City, PA 24-Aug-42    
Oliver Iron Steel Co. 1736 Pittsburgh, PA (S. Side) 16-May-37 Medrick, Geo  
Overly Manufacturing Company 1457 Greensburg, PA 29-Mar-37 Malone, Frank P.  
Owens Illinois Can Co. 1555 McKees Rocks, PA 20-Apr-37 Tafelski, John  
P. Wall Mfg. Supply Company 1771 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 21-May-37 Dutchman, John A.  
P.H. Murphy Co. 1365 New Kensington, PA 14-Mar-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
P.J. Grieco and Sons 3034 Creighton, PA 30-Jun-43 Petrak, Michael A.  
Page Steel & Wire Company 1391 Monessen, PA 21-Mar-37 McGarry, John J.  
Palley Manufacturing Company 1773 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 21-May-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Penn Iron and Steel Co. 1044 Creighton, PA 4-Oct-36 Clowes, Philip J.  
Penn Steel and Castings Company 1335 Chester, PA 13-Mar-37 Childs, Bernard  
Petroleum Iron Works Co. 1618 Sharon, PA 27-Apr-37 Irwin, Clarence  
Phillips Mine Mill Supply 1884 Pittsburgh, PA (S. Side) 28-May-37 Medrick, Geo  
Pierce Butler Company 2185 Huntingdon, PA 3-Mar-40 Anderson, Walter T.  
Pittsburgh Bridge & Iron Co. 1204 Rochester, PA 25-Jan-37 Timko, Jos. J  
Pittsburgh Coal Washer Co. 2854 Ambridge, PA 27-Nov-42 Hough, Bent  
Pittsburgh Coke & Iron Co. 1354 Sharpsville, PA 14-Mar-37 Irwin, Clarence yes
Pittsburgh Coke & Iron Co. 2687 Neville Island, PA 17-May-42 Martin, A.B.  
Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Co. 1212 Midland, PA 4-Feb-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Co. 3177 Midland, PA 4-Jan-44 Mullen, James  
Pittsburgh Des Moines Steel Company 2789 Neville Island, PA 6-Sep-42 Gaitens, R.J. (Jr.)  
Pittsburgh Engineering Works 1992 Pittsburgh, PA 27-Jul-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Pittsburgh Forging Company 1779 Coraopolis, PA 24-May-37 Tafelski, John  
Pittsburgh Gear & Machine Company 2584 Pittsburgh, PA 23-Nov-41 Goney, Joseph A.  
Pittsburgh Gray Iron Foundry 1349 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 16-Mar-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Pittsburgh Industrial Engineering 1292 Pittsburgh, PA 10-Mar-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Pittsburgh Pipe and Coupling Co. 1003 Allison Park, PA 27-Aug-36 Chatock, Smouile  
Pittsburgh Range & Heater Company 2991 McKees Rocks, PA 26-Apr-43 Murray, John F.  
Pittsburgh Rolls Corp. 1147 Pittsburgh, PA (Pawrenceville) 20-Dec-36 Dutchman, John A. yes
Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Company 1416 Neville Island, PA 23-Mar-37 Timko, Jos. J. yes
Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Corp. 1848 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 7-Jun-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Pittsburgh Spring Steel Company 1166 Pittsburgh, PA (Lawrenceville) 14-Jan-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Pittsburgh Steel Co. 1187 Allenport, PA 20-Jan-37 Mayo, John L.  
Pittsburgh Steel Co. 1229 Monassen, PA 5-Feb-37 Mayo, John L.  
Pittsburgh Steel Co. 2698 Monessen, PA 10-Jun-42 Tornayko, Louis  
Pittsburgh Steel Company 2994 Allenport, PA 28-Apr-43 Luce, Leonard  
Pittsburgh Steel Company 2994 Monessen, PA 28-Apr-43 Luce, Leonard  
Pittsburgh Steel Drum Company 2639 Butler, PA 22-Feb-42 Grabaur, Archie  
Pittsburgh Steel Foundry Co. 1306 Glassport, PA 7-Mar-37 Grecula, John  
Pittsburgh Tool, Steel and Wire Company 1471 Monaca, PA 21-Mar-37 Timko, Jos. J. yes
Pittsburgh Tube Company 1002 Monaca, PA 21-Aug-36 Timko, Jos. J. yes
Pittsburgh Tube Company 2569 Monaca, PA 1-Nov-41 Timko, Jos. J.  
Pittsburgh Valve Foundry & Construction Co. 1797 Pittsburgh, PA 26-May-37 Dutchman, John A. yes
Pittsburgh Water Heater Corp. 2077 Crafton, PA 5-Mar-38 Tafelski, John  
Pittsburgh, Piping & Equip. Company 1838 Pittsburgh, PA 4-Jun-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Porcelain Metal Production Co. 2761 Carnegie, PA 13-Aug-42 Burke, Thomas J.  
Porter-Blairsville Company 3025 Blairsville, PA 30-May-43 Ferrari, Andrew G.  
Power Piping Company 1627 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 30-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Pressed Steel Car Co. 1844 McKees Rocks, PA 4-Jun-37 Tafelski, John  
Pressed Steel Car Co. 2387 McKees Rocks, PA 21-Mar-41 Martin, A.B.  
Protected Steel Company 2779 Washington, PA 12-Aug-42 Hilty, Dalton D.  
Reliance Steel Casting Co. 1286 Pittsburgh, PA 3-Mar-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Reliance Steel Products Co. 1142 Rankin, PA 20-Dec-36 Dolphin, John P.  
Republic Steel Corp., Dilworth Porter & Co., Inc. 1803 Pittsburgh, PA (S. Side) 28-May-37 Hanaway, F.P.  
Republic Steel Corporation 1331 Youngstown, OH 12-Mar-37 Burke, Robert  
Riddlesburg Coal& Iron Company 2572 Riddlesburg, PA 1-Nov-41 Zeman, John M.  
Robertshaw Thermostat Co. 1163 Youngwood, PA 10-Jan-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Rouseville Cooperage 1474 Butler, PA 2-Apr-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Royal Manufacturing Co. 2496 Duquesne, PA 11-Aug-41 Maloy, Elmer J.  
Russell Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Company 3196 Coraopolis, PA 23-Jan-44 Murray, John F.  
Ruud Mfg. Co. 1450 Pittsburgh, PA 1-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Sawhill Manufacturing Company 3123 Wheatland, PA 11-Oct-43 Ellis, Thomas  
Schnabel Company 2920 Pittsburgh, PA (S. Side) 29-Jan-43 Anderson, W. J.  
Scully Steel Products Co. 1554 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 19-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Seyler Manufacturing Co. 1265 Glenshaw, PA 21-Feb-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Sharon Hardware Manufacturing Company 1417 Sharon, PA 18-Mar-37 Mayer, John S.  
Sharon Steel Corp. 1174 Sharon, PA 17-Jan-37 Irwin, Clarence  
Sharon Steel Corp. 1193 Farrell, PA 24-Jan-37 Irwin, Clarence  
Sharon Steel Corp. 3100 Sharon, PA 23-Sep-43 Ellis, Thomas  
Sharon Tube Company 1355 Sharon, PA 14-Mar-37 Irwin, Clarence  
Sharpsville Boiler Works 1735 Sharpsville, PA 14-May-37 Irwin, Clarence  
Shaw Perkins Company 2400 Pittsburgh, PA 25-Apr-41 Carey, Thomas W.  
Shawmut Railroad Repair Shop 2313 Brookville, PA 8-Feb-41 Petrak, Mike  
Shear Knife Company 1508 Homestead, PA 11-Apr-37 Vales, Abe  
Shenango Penn Mold Company 2258 Neville Island, PA 15-Oct-40 Martin, A.B.  
Shenango Penn Mould Co. 1032 Sharpsville, PA 20-Sep-36 Irwin, Clarence yes
Shenango Pottery Company 3125 New Castle, PA 14-Sep-43 Guttie, John H.  
Shinn Devices 2535 Butler, PA 20-Sep-41 Clowes, Philip J.  
Simonds Mfg. Co. 1841 Pittsburgh, PA 3-Jun-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Southern Wheel Company 1485 Homestead, PA 7-Apr-37 Vales, Abe  
Spang-Chalfant 1244 Etna, PA 14-Feb-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Spang-Chalfant & Company, Inc. 1360 Ambridge, PA 15-Mar-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Standard Specialty and Tube Co. 2335 New Brighton, PA 26-Feb-41 Hodge, Earl - Jos. J. Timko  
Standard Steel Spring Co. 209 Coraopolis, PA 5/22/1942 ??  
Standard Steel Spring Co. 2646 New Castle, PA 5-Mar-42 Grittie, J.H.  
Standard Tank Car Div. General American Transportation Corporation 1534 Sharon, PA 14-Apr-37 Irwin, Clarence  
Star Service Hanger Company 2139 Pittsburgh, PA 17-Jun-39 Vales, Abe  
Steel City Elec. Mfg. Co. 1267 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 26-Feb-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Steel Conversion and Supply Company 2727 Castle Shannon, PA 18-Jul-42 ??  
Sterling Steel Foundry 1575 Braddock, PA 16-Apr-37 Nara, Joseph  
Superior Mold & Iron Co. 1456 Penn, PA 28-Mar-37 Malone, Frank P.  
Superior Railway Products Corp. 2611 Pittsburgh, PA 23-Jan-42 Baxendell, Harry C.  
Sylvania Electric Products 3088 Altoona, PA 30-Aug-43 Martin, A.B.  
Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company 1464 Fairfield, Alabama 30-Mar-37 McVea, L.C.  
Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company 1489 Ensley, Alabama 26-Mar-37 Pate, Thomas V.  
The Pollak Steel Company 2721 Marion, OH 1-Jul-42 Johnson, Henry  
Titan Metal Manufacturing Company 2217 Bellefonte, PA 27-Jun-40 Anderson, Walter T.  
Townsend Co. 1164 Fallston, PA 10-Jan-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Tracy Manufacturing Company 2481 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 12-Jun-41 O'Hara, Joseph  
Treadwell Construction Company 1274 Midland, PA 26-Feb-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Tri-Lok Company 1556 Pittsburgh, PA 20-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Troop Water Heater Co. 2149 Pittsburgh, PA 16-Aug-39 Burke, Frank  
Truxell Foundry 1228 Jeannette, PA 4-Feb-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Union Drawn Steel Co. 1869 Beaver Falls, PA 4-Jun-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
Union Electric Corporation 1552 Carnegie, PA 19-Apr-37 Tafelski, John  
Union R.R. Co. 1913 East Pittsburgh, PA 21-Jun-37 Vales, Abe  
Union Railroad Company 3263 East Pittsburgh, PA 28-Mar-44 ??  
Union Spring and Mfg. Co. 1323 New Kensington, PA 12-Mar-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
United Engineering & Foundry Co. 1388 Vandergrift, PA 20-Mar-37 Atallah, Albert  
United Engineering & Foundry Co. 2959 New Castle, PA 10-Mar-43 Grittie, John H.  
United Iron and Metal Co. 1221 Pittsburgh, PA 31-Jan-37 Fagan, Gerald  
United States Radiator Company 2548 West Newton, PA 1-Oct-41 McGarry, John J.  
United States Sanitary Mfg. Co. 1236 Monaca, PA 11-Jan-37 Timko, Jos. J.  
United Tube Co. 2224 Ellwood City, PA 15-Jul-40 Carey, Thomas W.  
Universal Cyclops Steel Corporation 3052 Titusville, PA 26-Jul-43 Graney, John H.  
Universal Lubricating Systems 2021 Oakmont, PA 1-Sep-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Vanadium Corp. of America 2480 Bridgeville, PA 15-Jul-41    
Victory Engineering & Mfg. Company 2643 Millvale, PA 22-Feb-42 Baxendell, Harry C.  
Vipond Storage Yard 3087 Bellwood, PA 25-Aug-43 Martin, A.B.  
Vulcan Detinning Company 2464 Neville Island, PA 20-Jul-41 Martin, A.B.  
Walters Manufacturing Co. 1516 Oakmont, PA 10-Mar-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Walworth Company 3086 Greensburg, PA 22-Aug-43 Ferrari, Andrew G.  
Walworth Mfg. Co. 1275 Greensburg, PA 28-Feb-37 Medrick, Geo  
Walworth Mfg. Co. 2264 Etna, PA 28-Oct-40 Hart, William J.  
Washington Tin Plate Company 1600 Washington, PA 26-Apr-37 McGarry, John J.  
West Penn Cement Company 2738 West Winfield, PA 22-Jul-42 Petrak, Mike  
West Penn Machine Shops, Inc. 2874 Pittsburgh, PA 30-Dec-42 Danko, John C.  
West Penn Manufacturing and Supply Company 2992 Brackenridge, PA 28-Apr-43 Hart, William J.  
Wilson & Snyder Mfg. Company 1506 Braddock, PA 11-Apr-37 Vales, Abe  
Wm. B. Scaife and Sons Co. Oakmont, PA 20-Dec-36 Clowes, Philip J.  
Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Company 1469 Pittsburgh, PA (N. Side) 5-Apr-37 Dutchman, John A.  
Wooding's Verona Tool Works Oakmont, PA 30-Mar-37 Clowes, Philip J.  
Wyckoff Drawn Steel Company Ambridge, PA 14-Aug-41 Busarello, Heeney